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Netherlands Film Production Incentive


The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a financial contribution in the form of a cash rebate on the qualifying production costs for film productions that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands.

The Fund’s intention is to use the Netherlands Film Production Incentive (NFPI) to provide incentives to film productions developed and produced with creative and production freedom and in so doing increase the production activity for creative and technical film professionals and film companies in the Netherlands, while at the same time strengthening the international competitive position of the Dutch film industry. It also intends to develop film talent in the Netherlands and boost the diversity, quality and distribution of film productions.

The Fund provides grants for this – in the form of a cash rebate for demonstrably incurred qualifying Dutch production costs – for feature films, long documentaries and long animated films that are primarily intended for the cinema.

An independent production company (a legal entity, so not a one-man business or general partnership) that has been based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a member state of the EU or the EEA or Switzerland for at least two years and that produces and exploits films and other audiovisual productions on a continuous basis.

The production company will be represented by a producer who, in the seven calendar years prior to the application, has had prime responsibility for realising a minimum of one majority film production (reference film) with a production budget of not less than €500,000 and a cinema release in the Netherlands.

Up to €3 million per year per applicant production company.

The grant contribution is a maximum 35% (cash rebate) for the demonstrably incurred and qualifying Dutch production costs. The scheme includes a list of costs that do not qualify.

The annual budget for 2024 for Film Productions is €27.5 million: €7.7 million per application round and €6.6 million per further application round. At every application round, international co-productions will receive contributions first, up to a maximum of 70% of their budgets. The grant cap is published on the website.

The film production must be independent. In other words, an applicant as a legal entity is independent of end operators, has the decisive voice in making decisions on content, production and execution and has sufficient commercial freedom with regard to the exploitation and screening of the film production.

Only film productions, that is feature films, long animated films and long documentaries that satisfy the cultural criteria, requirements and conditions of the scheme, are eligible for a contribution.

In broad terms the following conditions must be met:

  • The cinema release in the Netherlands (12 weeks) must be guaranteed. For Dutch minority co-productions, both a guaranteed cinema release in the country of origin and a non-theatrical release in the Netherlands also qualify.
  • For a feature film or long animated film the production costs must be not less than
    €1,000,000 and the qualifying costs not less than €150,000.
  • For a long documentary the production costs must be not less than €250,000 and the qualifying costs not less than €100,000.
  • The production costs must, in the opinion of the Fund, be budgeted in line with the market and realistically and be directly connected with the realisation of the film production.
  • On application, at least 50% of the production budget must have been promised by third parties (no guarantees or deferments) unconditionally and demonstrably in writing.
  • Only applications achieving a minimum of 75 points - including points for a minimum of two main positions - are eligible. For international (co-)productions with a minority share of the financing from the Netherlands spending one million or more qualifying production costs in the Netherlands, one main position is sufficient and points can be allocated for other positions if they are responsible for the execution of the production in the Netherlands.
  • A minimum of two financiers, not allied to each other, who contribute to the financing and broad public access and visibility through several end operators is guaranteed.
  • The applicant is obliged to produce the film production in accordance with the information submitted with the application, including the number of points set down in the decision.
  • The film production must be fully financed within six months of the date of the decision and at the latest before the start of shooting, after which the Fund’s Implementation Agreement will be drawn up.
  • The film production must be complete and released within 24 months of conclusion of the Implementation Agreement.

The detailed requirements for the applicant and the application are set out in the regulations for the Netherlands Film Production Incentive Scheme.

Upcoming deadlines

  • Netherlands Film Production Incentive
  • Netherlands Film Production Incentive

The head of the Film Production Incentive and the production department will assess the production and business aspects of an application, then the Director/Chief Executive will decide on the application. The outcome usually follows within eight to ten weeks.

Applications are assessed on the basis of strict financial, legal and business criteria and using a points system. Applications are ranked in each application round on the basis of the points system. For 2024 the minimum number of points has been set at 75.

The level of the grant contribution is calculated by multiplying the qualifying production costs by 35%. The scheme includes a list of costs that do not qualify. Production costs incurred from the application submission date may qualify provided that the application file both satisfies the conditions and is complete at the time of application.

A grant contribution is awarded subject to the condition that an implementation agreement that includes further grant obligations is concluded. The final amount of the grant contribution awarded is determined and then paid afterwards, on the basis of the production spending actually incurred and qualifying. The grant contribution can never be greater than the maximum amount stated in the decision.

30% of the maximum grant contribution awarded can be received as an advance. This refers exclusively to an advance for payment of Dutch qualifying production costs. There are two further points in time when an application for an interim payment can be submitted: at the end of the (main) shooting period and after the picture lock. The total of the interim payments, including any advance, cannot exceed 90% of the Incentive grant contribution. The last 10% of the grant contribution is paid on approval by the Fund of an account of the costs and the financing and of the determination of the final grant contribution by the Fund. This must be provided within four months of the first publication/premiere.

Should you also consider applying for a selective contribution under another of the Fund’s grant schemes, then, given the link to spending under the Netherlands Film Production Incentive, it is important that you explore these options first.

No application for the Netherlands Film Production Incentive can be submitted if the Fund still has to make a decision on an application submitted for this film production under another of the Fund’s schemes.

If an application is rejected, it may be submitted once more in a subsequent application round.

Applications for production support can be submitted on application dates by the Dutch producer (click here).

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