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Film Production Incentive invests € 6.9 million in 15 new productions

These contributions will generate more than € 24.6 million in production expenses in the Netherlands across the entire spectrum of Dutch film professionals and film companies.

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the third round of 2023 are:

Film projects

  • Hokwerda’s Child (Boudewijn Koole)
  • Out of this World (Mark de Cloe)
  • Joe Speedboat (Sam de Jong)
  • Young Hearts (Anthony Schatteman)
  • Love Fail Repeat (Erwin van den Eshof)
  • The Manager (Maartje Bakers)
  • A Fucked Up Tribute to Motherly Love (Dan Geesin)
  • Mist (Kat Steppe)
  • Gangstas (Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah)
  • Reostat (Teodora Ana Mihai)
  • Truly Naked (Muriel d'Ansembourg)
  • The North Sea (Mark Verkerk)
  • So Far Away (Gerard Oms)

Gehonoreerde High-end TV-series derde ronde:

  • Rust en Vreugd (Anna van der Heide)
  • Van der Valk S05 (Michiel van Jaarsveld)

Scroll down for a full overview of all titles, including loglines and credits.

The North Sea

A Fucked Up Tribute to Motherly Love (feature film)

Director: Dan Geesin
Script: Dan Geesin
Dutch producer: Rots Filmwerk
Co-poducers: Leitwolf Filmproduktion (DE), Quetzalcoatl (BE)

Logline: While Samuel Dirk is clearing away the mess his wife left after she blew up, his magical marmalade cooking mother and Edwin, Samuel’s oldest friend, cook up a plan how to make his life ‘complete’ again.

Granted support: € 307,123

Gangstas (feature film)

Director: Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah (BE)
Script: Sven Huybrechts & Bram Renders (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Fiction Valley
Lead producer: A Team Productions (BE)

Logline: Adamo is even more entangled in the cocaine trade of Antwerp and Amsterdam city life. His friends are on the straight and narrow and refuse contact. The chief of the KALI drug unit is hot on his heels, and a combination of cockiness and personal tragedy seems to be the end of his success. When Aunt Saloua is killed in an attack, the Patsers reunite, with only one goal: Revenge... But at what cost?

Granted support: € 401,646

Hokwerda’s Child (feature film)

Director: Boudewijn Koole
Script: Boudewijn Koole
Dutch producer: Witfilm
Co-producers: Serendipity Films (BE), Arizona Films (FR)

Logline: Lin (33), a successful long-distance swimmer, is training relentlessly for the gruelling cross-channel swim from Dover to France when she encounters Henri (38), an underwater welder, who, like her, thrives on danger. Drawing each other deeper and deeper into a tumultuous, torrid love affair, they forget that lovers too can drown.

Granted support: € 725,120

Joe Speedboat (feature film)

Director: Sam de Jong
Script: Jan Eilander, Daniel Samkalden
Dutch producer: BALDR Film
Co-producer: CZAR Film (BE)

Logline: After his accident, Frenchy seems doomed to spend the rest of his life in a state of stagnation, until Joe Speedboat, the new kid in town, offers him unexpected horizons. Will it help Frenchy realise his passionate dreams, or is he just another project of the adventure-hungry Joe?

Granted support: € 1,128,967

Love Fail Repeat (feature film)

Director: Erwin van den Eshof
Script: Ernst Gonlag
Dutch producer: AM Pictures

Logline: Emy works in the hippest five-star hotel for the rich & famous. Her dream is to reach the top. While working hard on her career, love unexpectedly crosses her path when a well-known reality star visits the hotel. This day is going dramatically, and her goal of getting promoted seems further away than ever. Until she suddenly gets the chance to do that same day over and over again.

Granted support: € 304,719

The Manager (documentary)

Director: Maartje Bakers
Script: Maartje Bakers
Dutch producer: Bind & Willink
Co-producer: Polar Bear (BE)

Logline: The Manager is a tightly constructed documentary that shows managers during performance reviews with a subordinate. Behind closed doors, we witness how unequal power relations lead to a role-play between both parties. Are a more human touch and more honest relationships possible at all in a system where numbers and returns are paramount.

Granted support: € 191,607

Mist (feature film)

Director: Kat Steppe (BE)
Script: Kat Steppe (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Isabella Films
Lead producer: Panenka (BE)
Co-producer: Les Films de la Passerelle (BE)

Logline: Everything is forgotten and forgiven.

Granted support: € 116,000

The North Sea (documentary)

Director: Mark Verkerk
Script: Mark Verkerk
Dutch producer: EMS Films Holland
Co-producer: Dutch Maritime Productions

Logline: From the wild blue waters around the Scottish islands downstream to the shallow delta of the Netherlands. And up again along the dramatic coastline of the Norwegian fjords. North Sea is a cinematic adventure that takes the audience on a journey of exploration and discovery through the eyes of Peter van Rodijnen, an experienced diver and underwater cameraman.

Granted support: € 147,266

Out of this World (feature film)

Director: Mark de Cloe
Script: Barbara Jurgens
Dutch producer: Rinkel Film
Co-producer: Tarantula Luxembourg (LU)

Logline: 14-year-old Ari is terminally ill, while her best friend, the Afghan refugee Zahra (14), is about to be deported. Ari wants to give her place in life to Zahra, so she can safely grow up in the Netherlands.

Granted support: € 456,298

Reostat (feature film)

Director: Teodora Ana Mihai (RO)
Script: Cristian Mungiu (RO)
Dutch co-producer: Bastide Films
Lead producer: Mindset Productions (RO)
Co-producers: Mobra Films (RO), Lunanime (BE), Les Films du Fleuve (BE)

Logline: Reostat is based on the true story of the famous art robbery which took place in The Netherlands. Through the different stories of immigrants, this film discusses the conflicts and differences between social classes and between East and West. In a global world the search for a solution for coexistence becomes more and more urgent.

Granted support: € 60,000

So Far Away (feature film)

Director: Gerard Oms
Script: Gerard Oms
Dutch co-producer: Revolver Amsterdam
Lead producer: Zabriskie Films (ES)

Logline: Dani travels to Utrecht to attend an event during which he suffers a panic attack and makes an irreversible decision: not to return to Spain and sever all contact with his past. Dani will try to survive in Utrecht until he is able to finally put an end to the lie that he has created for himself all his life and accept his true sexuality.

Granted support: € 276,735

Truly Naked (feature film)

Director: Muriel d'Ansembourg
Script: Muriel d'Ansembourg
Dutch producer: Isabella Films
Co-producers: Prime Time (BE), Cinema Defacto (FR)

Logline: Alec, who has grown up in the shadow of his father’s porn business, has to find his own path to intimacy when thrown into a school project with feisty tomboy Nina.

Granted support: € 504,801

Young Hearts (feature film)

Directors: Anthony Schatteman (BE)
Script: Anthony Schatteman (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Family Affair Films
Lead producer: Polar Bear (BE)

Logline: Elias is a thirteen-year-old boy who grows up in a small village where he feels like an outsider. After meeting his new neighbor and peer Alexander, Elias is confronted with his burgeoning sexuality.

Granted support: € 79,108

High-end TV-series

Rust en Vreugd (dramaseries)

Director: Anna van der Heide
Script: Tamara Bos
Dutch producer: Lemming Film

Logline: In the charming green oasis full of quirky characters and funny gardening customs called 'Rust en Vreugd', Emma Quaadvliegh, recently widowed, embraces her burgeoning passion for gardening as she slowly becomes part of a slumbering stand-off between the cosy 'woolly socks' of the gardening park and the authoritarian, rule-bound chairman.

Granted support: € 795,266

Van der Valk S05 (dramaseries)

Director: Michiel van Jaarsveld
Script: Chris Murray
Dutch co-producer: NL Film & TV
Lead producer: Company Televison Limited

Logline: A street smart and unapologetic Dutch detective navigates the lively and enigmatic city of Amsterdam, solving mysterious crimes using astute human observation and inspired detection.

Granted support: € 1,500,000

Image: Van der Valk