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Film Facts & Figures of the Netherlands 2023

The latest data from the Dutch film and av industry show a promising recovery in production volume and box office but also reflect major shifts. The record sales of streamers stand out in particular. These are key conclusions of the latest Film Facts & Figures of the Netherlands, the annual sector overview of the Netherlands Film Fund.

Some striking figures about the Dutch film industry in 2022 are: Download the Film Facts & Figures Summer 2023

  • Total cinema attendance increased by 75% from 14.2 million to 24.8 million visitors compared to the previous year.

  • The market share of Dutch film fell from 23.1% to 16.2%

  • Total box office increased 80% from €142 to €256.1 million.

  • Video On Demand sales grew from €822 million to a new record of over €1 billion, almost quadruple cinema sales.

  • Total Dutch film & audiovisual turnover increased almost 30% from €987 million to €1281.3 million.

  • In 2022, 468 films were released in Dutch cinemas (In 2021: 298).

  • Dutch film production volume increased substantially by 21% from €180.8 million to €219.4 million.

  • Within this, the production volume of high-end series increased by 37% from €45.3 million to €61.9 million in 2022.

  • Attendance at the major Dutch film festivals (online & physical) increased from 645,972 visits to 715,357.

  • And in 2022, 116 Dutch films won awards at various international film festivals.