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Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests €14.5 million in 13 new productions and 9 high-end TV-series

In the fourth round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive of 2022 contributions were made to 22 productions for a total amount of € 14.5 million. These include 10 feature films, 1 documentary, 2 animated feature films, 7 drama series, and 2 documentary series including 9 international co-productions. These contributions will generate more than € 54.9 million in production expenses in the Netherlands across the field of Dutch film professionals and film companies.

Upcoming application round 2023

The next application round for Netherlands Film Production Incentive is on 30 January 2023. The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a financial contribution in the form of a cash rebate on the qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands.

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the fourth round of 2022 are:

According to Tradition (feature film)

Director: Michiel ten Horn
Script: Michiel ten Horn
Dutch producer: New Ams Film Company
Co-producers: 2Pilots Filmproduction (DE), Fobic Films (BE)
Logline: Proud provincial criminal Jos can no longer deny that his life seems doomed. While trying to make amends for a botched drug deal, he desperately searches for an answer to the bitter question: Who or what is punishing me?
Granted support: € 557,087

Alpha. (feature film)

Director: Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Script: Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Dutch producer: BALDR Film
Co-producers: Lomotion (CH), Staragara (SI)
Logline: In this existential adventure, a young snowboard instructor takes his visiting father into the snowy mountains where they collide head-on with nature and each other.
Granted support: € 303,423

Contrarian (feature film)

Director: Ben Sombogaart
Script: Jacqueline Epskamp
Dutch producer: Johan Nijenhuis & Co
Logline: In the rapidly changing society of the early 1960s, textile worker Johanna and Italian Francesco, one of the first labour migrants, fall for each other head over heels. But Johanna wants and has to follow her path.
Granted support: € 884,254

Expedition Cupid (feature film)

Director: Erwin van den Eshof
Script: Paul de Vrijer
Dutch producer: 2CFILM
Logline: When the production of the romantic 'Reality' program 'Expedition Cupid' on a tropical island is ravaged by a hurricane, the lustful contestants and complaining crew members have to work together to survive.
Granted support: € 225,000

Gorillas (feature film)

Director: Daphne Lucker
Script: Rosita Wolkers
Dutch producer: Keplerfilm
Logline: Placed into a crisis shelter for girls, Olivia wants nothing but to return to Selma: her mum and best friend. Amongst the Gorillas - as the girls ironically call themselves - Olivia is confronted with a hierarchy in which loyalty, a loud mouth and fierce dance moves earn respect. Away from home, she gets to discover who she is, though her mum is not ready to loosen her grip.
Granted support: € 488,394

Home Abroad (documentary)

Director: Lidija Zelovic
Script: Lidija Zelovic
Dutch producer: Conijn Film
Co-producer: Zelovic Productions (NL)
Logline: Home Abroad is a tragicomic film essay about the permanent battle waged by every immigrant against himself, and his surroundings.
Granted support: € 79,309

The House of David (feature film)

Director: Boris Paval Conen
Script: Bert Wagendorp, Nicole van Kilsdonk
Dutch producer: KeyFilm
Co-producer: Prime Time (BE)
Logline: When childhood friends Bart, Joost and André, all in their late 50s, go to a village near Ghent to renovate an old farm of David, they no longer turn out to be immortal. Loyalty, fate and humour prove desperately needed to face the next phase in their lives.
Granted support: € 256,403

Krazy House (feature film)

Director: Steffen Haars, Flip van der Kuil
Script: Steffen Haars, Flip van der Kuil
Dutch producer: Kaap Holland Film
Logline: A politically incorrect sitcom film about religious family man Bernie, who must get a gang of criminal Russian workmen out of his house to protect his family, all while slowly going mad.
Granted support: € 769,605

Loving Bali (feature film)

Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Script: Annelou van Naerssen, Sander de Regt
Dutch producer: Johan Nijenhuis & Co
Logline: Cornelie hopes that travelling to Bali with her daughters, will bring them closer. But the three women are so different, that what should have tied them together only drives them apart. All three set out on a search for their origins, their futures and... love.
Granted support: € 543,420

Miss Moxy (animated feature film)

Director: Vincent Bal, Wip Vernooij
Script: Maureen Versprille
Dutch producer: Phanta Film
Co-producers: BosBros (NL), Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (BE)
Logline: During an unforeseen journey, a prejudiced city cat broadens her outlook on life and discovers the true meaning of friendship.
Granted support: € 917,435

Striguni (feature film)

Director: Aldo Tardozzi (HR)
Script: Aldo Tardozzi (HR)
Dutch co-producer: De Productie
Lead producer: Živa Produkcija (HR)
Co-producers: Deblokada (BA), Amka Films Productions (CH)
Logline: A young biologist, in research of eternal life, discovers the connection between a case of a missing child and the existence of Striguni – supernatural creatures from the local legends that prolong their lives by taking away the life force from the children.
Granted support: € 80,000

Tummy Tom (animated feature film)

Director: Erik Verkerk, Joost van den Bosch
Script: Burny Bos
Dutch producer: Phanta Film
Co-producers: BosBros (NL), Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (BE)
Logline: The search for Tummy Tom’s favourite cuddly toy is a voyage of discovery with a happy ending and many new friends.
Granted support: € 401,076

When the Light Breaks (feature film)

Director: Runar Runarsson (IS)
Script: Runar Runarsson (IS)
Dutch co-producer: Revolver Amsterdam
Lead producer: Compass Films (IS)
Co-producers: Pegasus Pictures (IS), Halibut (IS)
Logline: The first loss of a loved one and the journey that follows. When laughing turns into crying, beauty coexists with sorrow.
Granted support: € 105,672

High-end TV-series

David (drama series)

Director: Beer ten Kate
Script: Rein Mulder, Rutger Lemm
Dutch producer: Big Blue Productions
Logline: A coming-of-age series about Dutch romantic David, a twenty-something who suddenly has to build a new life in the metropolis of Berlin, and thus collides with his towering expectations of love, the world around him, and himself.
Granted support: € 795,668

Hein (drama series)

Director: Anna van der Heide
Script: Martijn Hillenius, Luuk van Bemmelen
Dutch producer: Pupkin Film (hodn Juliet)
Logline: During the summer holidays, 11-year-old Hein unwillingly ends up at the cemetery where his grandfather is the funeral director. Hein finds out he has a special gift. He sees ghosts who report to him to solve unfinished business. Hein learns life lessons from the deceased.
Granted support: € 647,298

The Kollective (drama series)

Director: Kevin MacDonald, James Marsh (TBC)
Script: Leonardo Fassoli, Maddalena Ravagli (IT)
Dutch producer: Submarine Productions
Logline: After one of their members is killed while investigating a mysterious plane crash in the Congo, a group of passionate young amateur journalists called THE KOLLECTIVE to find themselves drawn into a globe-spanning web of fake news, corruption, espionage and murder.
Granted support: € 1,500,000

Maxima Zorreguieta: Motherland (drama series)

Director: Saskia Diesing, Agustina Marcri, Joosje Duk
Script: Marcela Guerty, Ilse Ott, Sytske Kok, Diede Zillinger, Marnie Blok, Judith Goudsmit
Dutch producer: Millstreet Films
Logline: The fascinating life story of the Dutch Queen Máxima. It shows Máxima’s younger years in Argentina until she leaves her motherland, and enters the Manhattan jet set. Her ‘free’ life comes to an end when the press reveals she is the Dutch crown prince’s girlfriend.
Granted support: € 1,106,923

Safe Harbor (drama series)

Director: Arne Toonen (TBC)
Script: Mark Williams
Dutch producer: Submarine Productions
Logline: When two struggling computer hackers are hired by an organised crime family to gain control of one of Europe’s busy cargo ports, they accidentally become key players in one of the world’s largest drug-smuggling operations.
Granted support: € 1,500,000

Saïd & Anna (drama series)

Director: Hilt Lochten
Script: Jeanine Cronie
Dutch producer: Phanta Basta!
Co-producer: Indi Film (DE)
Logline: Saïd (6) and Anna (7) are best friends. Every day after school, they hang out around The Repair Shop of Saïd’s parents. While broken things are given a new life by using the right tools, the children figure out how to fix their own ‘problems’, in their own, creative way.
Granted support: € 523,060

Sphinx (drama series)

Director: Diederik van Rooijen
Script: Diederik van Rooijen
Dutch producer: Horizon Film
Logline: 14-year-old Minke is kidnapped. Years later, she appears out of nowhere, haggard and with a mysterious tattoo on her back. Back home she has to reintegrate, it is not easy for the family. Minke is changed by her traumatic experience and without anyone knowing she is played by her captor.
Granted support: € 1,070,372

The Story of the Netherlands, Amsterdam (documentary series)

Director: Vincent Schuurman
Script: Maarten van der Duin
Dutch producer: Pupkin Film
Logline: In 2025 the city of Amsterdam will celebrate its 750 birthday. How did the city rise and become so successful? How Dutch is Amsterdam, and what is the influence of the city on its country?
Granted support: € 591,792

The Story of the Netherlands, Orange-Nassau (documentary series)

Directors: Vincent Schuurman, Marc Willard
Script: Maarten van der Duin
Dutch producer: Pupkin Film
Logline: An epic journey through the history of the Orange-Nassau's that shows us how the royal family was established. It is a story about princes and princesses and the people over which they govern. About marriages and children, love and death.
Granted support: € 1,177,416

Image: Alpha.