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Film Production Incentive invests € 6.7 million in 8 productions and 5 High-End TV-series

These contributions will generate more than € 23.6 million in production expenses in the Netherlands across the entire spectrum of Dutch film professionals and film companies.

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the fourth round of 2023 are:

The Fifth Journey (documentary)

Director: Louis Hothothot
Script: Louis Hothothot
Dutch producer: Pieter van Huystee Film & TV
Logline: My father was dying, I flew back to China, but I was forced to quarantine for 28 days, so I missed my father's funeral. My mother decided to move out of the family apartment in Beijing and live in my father's home village so that she could take care of him while my father is in heaven.
Granted support: € 89,162

Foley Man (feature film)

Director: Frank van Passel (BE)
Script: Frank van Passel (BE)
Dutch co-producer: sunny pictures
Lead producer: Lompvis (BE)
Co-producer: Beluga Tree (BE)
Logline: Foley Man tells the poetic story of a talented boy who expresses his feelings with state-of-the-art technology at hand and a courageous young woman who tries to be happy in a time that does not grant her that happiness.
Granted support: € 589,427

Full Moon (feature film)

Director: David Cocheret
Script: Brian de Vore
Dutch producer: NL Film & TV
Logline: A group of friends in Thailand decides to go all out one last time during a party vacation filled with sex, drugs, and sun. However, after a wild Full Moon Party on a deserted island, a young woman washes up dead, and the men are identified as possible suspects, turning their carefree party vacation into a nightmare quickly.
Granted support: € 297,249

Johan’s Country (feature film) 

Director: Eddy Terstall
Script: Eddy Terstall & Erik Wünsch
Dutch producer: Witfilm
Logline: In Johan's Country we follow three families, one from Limburg, one from the Veluwe and one from Morocco. Their lives intermingle in vibrant Amsterdam from 1966 to the present. They influence each other's lives and close friendships and love relationships develop. All this against the backdrop of an ever-changing and increasingly colorful Netherlands.
Granted support: € 1,007,358

A New Friend for Tummy Tom (animated feature film)

Director: Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk
Script: Burny Bos
Dutch producer: Phanta Film
Co-producers: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (BE), BosBros
Logline: Tummy Tom and Cat Mouse get a new neighbouring dog on the block, Blaf. In the beginning, they don’t understand each other very well, the cats find Blaf scary. But… as they get to know each other, a close friendship develops.
Granted support: € 307,972

Reedland (feature film)

Director: Sven Bresser
Script: Sven Bresser
Dutch producer: Viking Film
Co-producer: A Private View (BE)
Logline: Johan, a solitary reed cutter finds the lifeless body of a girl that was raped and murdered on his reed plot. The violent event causes unrest within the closed community and in the peaceful life of the reed cutter himself. Driven by an indefinable sense of guilt, he searches for answers and tries to track down evil.
Granted support: € 580,483

Rokjesnacht (feature film)

Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Script: Allard Blom
Dutch producer: Lemming Film
Logline: Neurotic Jenny and number-cruncher Bob are hell-bent on dating. When they are unexpectedly matched via a new dating platform, matchmaker Roos pulls out all the stops to show Bob and Jenny that despite their differences, they are the perfect match.
Granted support: € 352,835

Streetcoaches vs Aliens (feature film) 

Director: Michael Middelkoop
Script: Daan Bakker, Nico van den Brink, Michael Middelkoop, Paul de Vrijer
Dutch producer: Lemming Film
Logline: Amin and Mitchell, two "street coaches” who roll with the punches of life, are forced to take themselves and their future seriously when they turn out to be the only ones who can save their neighborhood - and perhaps the world - from an alien invasion. With the help of a motley crew of neighbors, they are given the ultimate opportunity to prove themselves and save their strained friendship.
Granted support: € 710,880

High-end TV-series

Day and Night 2 (dramaseries)

Director: Joram Lürsen
Script: Kim van Kooten, Nena van Driel
Dutch producer: Lemming Film
Co-producers: Lemming Film België (BE), Magical Society (UK)
Logline Day and Night 2 is set in the pediatrics department of the same modern hospital as in season 1. An inspired team of healthcare workers is committed, day and night, to the health of young patients.
Granted support: € 598,504

Hiphop Made in NL (documentary series)

Director: Sacha Vermeulen & Ivan Barbosa
Script: Sacha Vermeulen & Ivan Barbosa
Dutch producer: Scenery
Logline: Hiphop Made in NL is a monumental 6-part documentary series that portrays, analyzes, and critically questions the impact of hip-hop on Dutch culture in an eclectic and meticulous manner. With a broad and accessible approach, the series tells the story of the history of Dutch hip-hop up to the present day, with hip-hop serving as a sharpener of our society.
Granted support: € 241,897

Little Charlie (animated series)

Director: Anneke de Graaf
Script: Aje Andre Brucken (DE)
Dutch co-producer: Submarine Animation
Lead producer: Alexandra Schatz Film Produktion (DE)
Logline: Animation series based on the famous German book property Karlchen, about the five-year old Charlie who lives with his parents and younger sister Clara in a little house at the edge of the forest and to whom every day offers new adventures like they are part of the lives of every five-year old.
Granted support: € 541,189

Pol the Pirate Mouse (animated series)

Director: Bouwine Pool
Script: Jorge Ribeiro (PT)
Dutch producer: Submarine Animation
Co-producer: Animanostra (PT)
Logline: Pol has never seen the forest before. Her friends have never seen a pirate before, especially not one that is so small! but it does not keep them for joining her crew and go out on adventures. They love it how Pol sees something special and magical in something that they perceive as normal. With Pol as their pirate captain they discover a whole new world.
Granted support: € 416,439

Firework (dramaseries)

Director: Lourens Blok
Script: Philip Delmaar & Edward Stelder
Logline: The largest explosion the Netherlands has known since the Second World War: the Fireworks-disaster in 2000 with 23 deaths, 800 injured and more than a thousand homeless. How could this have happened and who was to blame for this disaster. And does finding someone to blame soften the real pain of the disaster? Granted support: € 970,592

Upcoming application round 2024

The next application round for Netherlands Film Production Incentive is 15 January 2024. The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a financial contribution in the form of a cash rebate on the qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands.

Image: Reedland