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Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests € 7.3 million in 14 new productions and 4 high-end TV-series

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the first round of 2023 are:

Anna Ist (feature film)

Director: Rosanne Pel
Script: Rosanne Pel
Dutch producer: Family Affair Films
Co-producer: Junafilm (DE)
Logline: After a disturbing and absurd family vacation, Anna (35) confronts her mother and sister with the fact that they have violated her boundaries. Anna's last attempt at rapprochement is an ultimate provocation while at the same time a definitive plea to be heard.
Granted support: € 325,013,-

Beats of Love (feature film)

Directors: Raf en Jan Roosens
Script: Bert Van Dael, Raf and Jan Roosens
Dutch co-producer: PRPL
Lead producer: Savage Film (BE)
Co-producer: Rococo (BE)
Logline: Beats of Love tells the story of the separation between 13-year-old Gloria and her mother.
Granted support: € 45,000,-

Bed & Breakfast (feature film)

Director: Ruud Schuurman
Script: Anna Pauwels
Dutch producer: Tom de Mol Productions
Logline: A socially awkward workaholic resigns on a whim and then contemplates her new future in a Groningen village full of eccentrics while wrapping the local bachelors around her finger.
Granted support: € 352,000,-

Bon Bini Holland 4 (feature film)

Director: Pieter van Rijn
Script: Michel Bonset
Dutch producer: Kaap Holland Film
Logline: When Judeska closes a deal for a branch in Asia, she and Ping Ping are swindled by mysterious businessman Lo Pei Chan. They, along with Rajesh, Kofi and Nolti, travel to Bangkok and engage in a life-threatening burglary to recapture their restaurant and their friendship.
Granted support: € 921,975,-

In Your Shadow
In Your Shadow

In Your Shadow (documentary)

Directors: Thabi Mooi, Tom Fassaert
Script: Thabi Mooi, Tom Fassaert
Dutch producer: EVDJ
Co-producers: Long Story Short (ZA), Les Films d’Ici (FR)
Logline: After thirty-seven years of silence, filmmaker Thabi has decided to break her family's silence and investigate her father's secret past as a South African freedom fighter. In search of the roots of his silence and their disrupted bond, she takes her father on a journey through his footsteps in exile. It's a final attempt to escape the shadows of the past and heal their bond.
Granted support: € 180,000,-

Lucca Mortis (feature film)

Director: Peter Greenaway
Script: Peter Greenaway
Dutch co-producer: Witfilm
Lead producer: Facing East Entertainment (CH)
Co-producer: The Family (IT)
Logline: An elderly American writer keen to leave a book of short stories as his legacy travels to beautiful Lucca in Italy with his family, using his search for his origins as inspiration and an enquiry into contemporary questions about universal longevity.
Granted support: € 625,632,-

The Man Maker (feature film)

Director: Jamel Aattache
Script: Rene Molenaar, Michiel Peereboom
Dutch producer: Talent United
Logline: The Man Maker is an original comedy about (self) confidence and believing in yourself. The 40-year-old Anne transforms hopeless men into desirable specimens, but now discovers all that may have been for nothing.
Granted support: € 285,414,-

The Man with a Smile (documentary)

Director: Paul Cohen
Script: Paul Cohen
Dutch producer: Witfilm
Logline: My Jewish father, nearly succumbing to starvation and disease in the "Japanese camp," travels by Train through devastated Germany in March 1947. He feels only resentment and hatred towards the German people, until he sees a starving German girl. His journey is mirrored by a number of train travelers in the present, each traveler having a story about their own compassionate path to forgiveness.
Granted support: € 145,778,-

Metamorfose (documentary)

Director: Pim Zwier
Script: Pim Zwier
Dutch producer: Moondocs
Logline: Maria Sibylla Merian depicted the metamorphosis of butterflies in detailed engravings and paintings. Unhampered by the conventions of the 17th century, she dedicated her life to art and science. Metamorphosis is an unconventional documentary about an artist, who was also aware for what was happening beyond the world of insects.
Granted support: € 124,549,-

Miss Braaksel and the magical Ring (feature film)

Director: Aram van de Rest
Script: Michiel Peereboom
Dutch producer: AM Pictures
Logline: Lotte and Thijs have a sweet teacher, Miss Evi. But then the creepy Miss Brakel becomes director and everything changes: They have to come up with a plan to get rid of that nasty Miss Vomit! Could Miss Evi's magic ring help with that?
Granted support: € 284,426,-


Nesjomme (documentary)

Director: Sandra Beerends
Script: Sandra Beerends
Dutch producer: Family Affair Films
Logline: Nesjomme (Jewish soul) brings the pre-war Jewish community in Amsterdam to life, inspired by testimonials, depicted by archive material and told from the perspective of the city itself.
Granted support: € 145,637,-

Behind the scenes at The Occupant
Behind the scenes at The Occupant

The Occupant (feature film)

Director: Hugo Keijzer
Script: Hugo Keijzer, R.J. Minneboo, Phil Howe
Dutch producer: Revolver Amsterdam
Co-producers: Electric Shadow Company (VK), 20 Steps Productions (GE), Studio Artizm (GE)
Logline: On a desperate quest for her dying sister's survival, Irish geologist Abby finds herself stranded and alone in the icy Georgian wilderness, where a mysterious helper offers her the choice between accepting the inevitable or abandoning reality.
Granted support: € 408,197,-

The Weeping Walk (feature film)

Director: Dimitri Verhulst (BE)
Script: Dimitri Verhulst (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Graniet Film
Lead producer: CZAR Film &TV (BE)
Logline: A motley group of relatives and friends step behind a hearse on their way to the final resting place of the deceased mother. During the somewhat turbulent mourning procession, which will last several days, the relatives have time to get to know each other better and unravel some old family secrets. When the mother is buried in Wettelen, all family ties are shaken.
Granted support: € 126,652,-

The Wolf, the Fox and the Leopard (feature film)

Director: David Verbeek
Script: David Verbeek
Dutch producer: Lemming Film
Co-producers: Feline Films (IE), Deal Productions (LU)
Logline: When a girl raised by wolves is found in the woods, she is subjected to a series of tests and examinations in a lab. After two environmentalists free her because they see her as a potential saviour of the world, she must learn to stand on her own two feet and make her own decisions.
Granted support: € 350,999,-

High-end TV-series

Bennie (dramaseries)

Directors: Jamille van Wijgaarden, Albert Jan van Rees
Script: Karen van Holst Pellekaan
Dutch producer: Lemming Film
Logline: When the intellectually disabled Bennie turns eighteen, he wants to be an adult: a job, girlfriend and home of his own. His inimitable and heartwarming attempts to change his life not only turn Bennie's own world upside down, but also challenges his family members to rethink their life's choices.
Granted support: € 1,500,000,-

Escape from Albatros (dramaseries)

Director: Jamille van Wijngaarden
Script: Tamara Bos
Dutch producer: NL Film & TV
Logline: In the extremely efficient society of 2040, Jayson's grandmother (12) and Maud's grandfather (12) fail the annual competence test for the over-68s and are allowed to 'enjoy' on senior island Albatros. But is that really fun...?
Granted support: € 570,652,-

Jackson & Malone

Jackson & Malone (drama series)

Director: Max Porcelijn
Script: Hans Teeuwen, Max Porcelijn
Dutch producer: Kaap Holland Series
Logline: When a number of elderly people are murdered in the idyllic town of Spulne, the decision is made to use the harshest of remedies: Jackson & Malone. Together with these two agents, the viewer is sucked deeper and deeper into the world of Spulne, but in order to unravel the mystery, the two will eventually really have to face their own dark past.
Granted support: € 840,000,-

Theo van Gogh – The Craving (documentary series)

Director: David de Jongh
Script: David de Jongh
Dutch producer: Pieter van Huystee Film & TV
Logline: The series explores the hidden motives of a man who uniquely shapes the demons in his mind through his films, interviews and columns. The radical way he craves love, attention and freedom eventually comes up against irrevocable boundaries in his private life and the madness of a Muslim fundamentalist.
Granted support: € 149,429,-

Upcoming application round 2023

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a financial contribution in the form of a cash rebate on the qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands. The next application round for Netherlands Film Production Incentive and the Netherlands Film Production Incentive High-End Series is 8 May 2023.

Images: Anna Ist, In Your Shadow, Nesjomme, behind the scenes of The Occupant (by Bram van Woudenberg), Jackson & Malone