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Winnaars IFFR 2020

Het International Film Festival Rotterdam is inmiddels voorbij. De winnende films die met ondersteuning van het Filmfonds tot stand zijn gekomen of momenteel in post-production zijn, nog even op een rij:

Kala azar

door Janis Rafa, SNG Film (NL), Heretic (GR)

Winnaar IFFR 2020 KNF Award

At the margins of a city somewhere in the south of Europe, a young couple start their day with their job routine: collecting deceased pets from homes and taking them to a pet crematorium. Outside of their job's constraints, they also desolate environment, the couples' stoic perseverance creates a space through which their love grows until the moment they have a car accident and cause a roadkill themselves...

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door Arun Karthick, Rinkel Film (NL), Stray Factory (IN), Magic Hour Films (DK), Harman Ventures (IN), Uncombed Buddha (IN), Cent Percent Films (IN)

Winnaar IFFR 2020 NETPAC Award


Nasir' comprehends the peaceful anonymity of the lives of small people but also, more sorrowfully, the vengeful and arrogant anonymity of the mob. It tells the tragic story of Nasir, the middle-aged street salesman, who belongs to the Islamic minority and who lives with his mother Fatima, his wife Taj and his cousin Iqbal in the densely populated ghetto. Nasir’s chronicle emerges through the detailed observation of his vicinity over the span of one particular day. As his day unfolds we find him to be a nimble romantic, marshalling a love of love, song, children, friendship, and even God to rise into something resembling a life well lived. But the increasing communal bigotry has other plans. Based on the novel by Dilip Kumar.

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La Hija de Todas las Rabias

door Laura Baumeister, Halal (NL), Felipa Films (NI), Martfilms (MX), Heimatfilm (DE)

Winnaar Dutch Postproduction Award

Een coproductie over het verwaarloosde, acht jaar oude meisje Maria in Nicaragua.


door Lei Lei, Submarine (NL)

Winnaar Dutch Postproduction Award

The story revolves around Lei Lei's grandfather and his family's struggles to live through China's tumultuous political movements of the 1950's and the 1960's.