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Two co-productions selected in collaboration with Flemish Audiovisual Fund

In addition to the substantive quality of the scenario, the artistic value and the uniqueness of the project, the creative and technical expenditure in the Netherlands and a realistic prospect of future cooperation between the two producers are considered.

Last Letters From My Grandma (documentary)

Director/Script: Olga Lucovnicova
Producer: While We’re Here (BE)
Co-producer: Volya Films (NL), OWH Studio (MD)
Logline: With the urge to unravel a deep-rooted family secret, director Olga Lucovnicova travels to a remote Ural town. During her search and attempt to reconnect with the past, Russia started a war. Will the voices of her family members be silenced again?East and West. In a global world the search for a solution for co-existence becomes more and more urgent.
Granted support: € 50.000,-

Heizel (Feature)

Director: Hans Herbots
Script: Lode Desmet
Producer: Menuetto (BE)
Co-producer: Topkapi Films (NL), Les Film du Fleuve (BE), Wildside (IT)
Logline: 1985, Heysel Stadium, Brussels. A football temple turns into a war zone in the run-up to the cup final between Juventus and Liverpool, resulting in 39 deaths. In the catacombs beneath the stadium, there are arguments over life and death, responsibility and whether the European final should still be played....
Granted support: € 200.000,-

Image: still from Last Letters From My Grandma