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Support for selected co-productions in collaboration with the Flemish Audiovisual Fund

The following four major Flemish co-productions have been selected for support by the Netherlands Film Fund:

Soundtrack to a Coup d’Etat (documentary)

Director/Script: Johan Grimonprez
Producer: Zap-O-Matik (BE)
Co-producers: Velvet (FR), BALDR Film (NL)
Logline: We’re not angry man, we are enraged. You can no longer defer my dream. I’m gonna sing it, dance it, scream it and if need be: I’ll steal it from this very earth! Archie Shepp (American saxophonist)
Granted support: € 50.000,-

Yalla, Baba! (documentary)

Director/Script: Angie Obeid
Producer: Savage Film (BE)
Co-producers: Dutch Mountain Film (NL)
Logline: In their new car, bought in Belgium, Angie (33) and her father Mansour (73) undertake the same journey he made 42 years ago from Brussels to Beirut. Yet the route is no longer the same, nor is their relationship.
Granted support: € 50.000,-

The Age of Magic (feature film)

Director: Peter Krüger
Script: Peter Krüger, Ben Okri
Producer: Savage Film (BE)
Co-producers: The Film Kitchen (NL), Inti Films (BE), Velvet Film (BE)
Logline: Together with a film crew, a black writer and his girlfriend arrive at an old mysterious town on the shores of a luminous lake. Over the course of three days they are changed by the town’s magic. Hovering between dream and reality, they try to refind the Arcadian dream.
Granted support: € 200.000,-

Milano (feature film)

Director/Script: Christina Vandekerckhove
Producer: Lunanime (BE)
Co-producers: Bastide Films (NL), Dragons Films (BE)
Logline: Milano tells the story of an 11 year old boy who expresses himself in sign language. He lives with his father, who himself was raised in an institution and therefore doesn't know how to take care of a child. By trial and error they try to make the best of it. Then Milano's mother returns to the scene and nothing is the same.
Granted support: € 200.000,-

The following two majoritarian Dutch co-productions have been selected for support in realization by the VAF:

Mnk Boy (feature film)

Director: Mete Gümürhan
Script: Chris Westendorp
Producer: Circe Films (NL)
Co-producers: A Private View (BE), Leitwolf Filmproduktion (DE), Liman Film (TR)
Logline: When Zeki's father decides to move from the Netherlands to a luxury gated community in Istanbul, 12-year-old Zeki befriends a group of street children from the adjacent slum.
Granted support: € 200.000,-

Youri (feature film)

Director/Script: Sander Burger
Producer: Volya Films (NL)
Co-producers: Savage Film (BE), Frakas (BE), Leitwolf (GE)
Logline: Amsterdam, 1980s. When journalist Jan Brokken interviews homosexual concert pianist and refugee from the Soviet Union Youri Egorov an unexpected, close friendship arises between the two very different men. Extravagant Youri helps quiet Jan pursue his dream of becoming a novelist.
Granted support: € 200.000,-

Image: Soundtrack to a Coup d’E, Yalla, Baba!