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Support for 6 new co-productions from the Netherlands and Flanders

The following Flemish co-productions – 1 documentary and 2 feature films – have been granted support:

Rainbowkids (documentary)

Director: Mieke Struyve
Script: Mieke Struyve and Pieter De Graeve
Producer: Clin d'oeil films (BE)
Co-producer: Basalt Projecten (NL)
Logline: What if your gender identity doesn't match the body that you were born in? In Rainbowkids we see the joys and pitfalls of growing up through the eyes of three gender variant children: Elsa, Riley and Céleste.We follow them from the age of ten until the eve of their eighteenth birthday, and see how they each experience the search for their gender identity in their own way.
Granted support: € 50.000,-

Foley man

Foley man (feature film)

Director & Script: Frank van Passel
Producer: Lompvis (BE)
Co-producer: Levitate Film (NL)
Logline: Foley man tells the poetic story of a talented boy who expresses his feelings with state-of-the-art technology at hand and a courageous young woman who tries to be happy in a time that does not grant her that happiness.
Granted support: € 200.000,-

Horst en Franz (feature film)

Director & Script: Kat Steppe
Producer: Panenka (BE)
Co-producer: Isabella Films (NL)
Logline: Everything is forgotten and forgiven.
Granted support: € 200.000,-

The following Dutch co-productions – 1 documentary and 2 feature films - are granted support:

De Manager (documentary)

Director & Script: Maartje Bakers (NL)
Producer: Bind Film (NL)
Co-producer: Polar Bear (BE)
Logline: The Manager is an intimate and conceptual, stylized documentary that explores the relationship between managers and their staff. The viewer is pitted against managers in various performance review sessions and thus becomes part of the conversation. In training sessions, managers reflect on their own roles. The Manager shows the search for modern leadership and how together we are always looking for better and more.
Granted support: € 50.000,-

Joe Speedboot (feature film)

Director: Sam de Jong (NL)
Script: Jan Eilander (NL) & Daniël Samkalden (NL)
Producer: Baldr Film (NL)
Co-producer: Czar Film & TV (BE)
Logline: After his accident, Fransje seems doomed to spend the rest of his life in stagnation and apathy, until Joe Speedboat, the new kid in town, offers him unexpected horizons. Is Fransje able to realize his passionate dreams, or is he just another project of the yearning for adventure Joe?
Granted support: € 200.000,-

Hokwerda's Kind

Hokwerda’s Kind (feature film)

Director & Script: Boudewijn Koole (NL)
Producer: Witfilm (NL)
Co-producer: Serendipity Films (BE)
Logline: Lin (33), a long-distance swimmer, is training relentlessly for the gruelling crosschannel swim from Dover to France when she encounters Henri (42), a deep-sea welder, who, like her, thrives on danger. Drawing each other deeper and deeper into a tumultuous, torrid love affair, they forget that lovers too can drown.
Granted support: € 200.000,-

Previous projects that received a contribution from the Minority Co-productions NFF+VAF include Close by Lukas Dhont (Topkapi), Seasparkle by Domien Huyghe (Viking Film) and Luka by Jessica Woodworth (Volya Films).

The next deadline for Minority Co-productions NFF+VAF is April 24th 2023.

Image: De Manager, Foley man, Hokwerda's Kind