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Thuthuka is an initiative of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) and the Netherlands Film Fund (NFF) to promote cooperation between South Africa and the Netherlands.

Under this joint scheme an application can be submitted for a contribution for writing a script and a pitch book, in co-production, for a feature film, long documentary or animated film intended for cinema release.

Who can apply?

For a majority Dutch filmproduction: A production company (a legal entity, so not a sole trader or partnership firm) that has been based in the Netherlands, a member state of the EU, EEA or Switzerland for at least two years and has been producing and exploiting films and other audiovisual productions on a continuing basis.

The production company will be represented by a producer who as majority producer has had main responsibility for the realization of at least one feature film, long documentary or animated film in the same category as the application with a cinema release in the Netherlands.

An application for a majority South African film production will be submitted to the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) by a production company based in South Africa (for further information contact Terrence Khumalo).


The contribution is €40,000 (all in).

The development costs include the fee of the scriptwriter(s), expenses for coaching and translation as well as the producer’s fee & overheads.

A development contribution will be granted to no more than 4 projects per year, two majority Dutch film productions and two majority South African film productions.

Primary conditions

The artistic assessment will select film plans that contribute to the creative co-operation between the Netherlands and South Africa, aimed at a high quality, diverse and distinctive cinematographic offering.

Eligibility for a contribution is also subject to the following conditions:

  • It is a film plan for a script for a long documentary (longer than 60 min) or (animated) feature film (longer than 80 min) by a South African or Dutch writer;
  • The creative partnership between the Netherlands and South Africa must be at the forefront.
  • A scriptwriter and a co-producer from the other country must be attached to the film plan with a written commitment.
  • It is a new film plan for which no application for a contribution has previously been submitted to the NFVF or the NFF;
  • No one in the core team (writer, director, producer, co-producer) is attached to a project that was selected in the 2021 Thuthuka call.
  • The film production must be primarily intended for cinema release. The project will be assessed to see whether it can reach audiences in both countries.

The film plan consists of:

  • A synopsis of max. 5 pages; or
  • A treatment of max. 15 pages; or
  • A first or second version of the script;

Upcoming deadlines

  • Thuthuka
To apply for a grant

Applications for production support can be submitted on application dates by the Dutch producer (click here).

Need Help?


Ezra Droog

Project Officer International