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Thuthuka: support for 4 new projects

Thuthuka, the joint scheme by the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) from the Republic of South Africa and the Netherlands Film Fund, focuses on the cooperation between South Africa and the Netherlands. This week, the Film Fund and the NFVF organise several workshops in Rotterdam during the festival for teams from the 1st and the 2nd round of Thuthuka. The participants will pitch projects, boost their international network, have script and feedback sessions and will be given a tour throughout the city of Rotterdam.

The Dutch and South African directors and producers from Thuthuka's 1st and 2nd round in Rotterdam

The following majority Dutch films have been selected:


Script: Julia Smuts Louw
Producers: Submarine Film (NL), Diprente Films (SA)
Logline: Spike is a rhino with enormous horns. And as such, is alpha to the herd. But after being dehorned, everything he ever knew about being a man is turned on its head, as he is forced to negotiate the unknown wilds of the savannah and save his kids.


Director/script: Teboho Edkins
Producers: Muyi Film (NL), Don Edkins (SA)
Logline: Karatara – ‘Place of Deep Shadows’, is a ghost film, in which the ghosts, both real and imagined, haunt the lives of a racially mixed-race community in a small town in post-apartheid South Africa.

The following majority South African films have been selected:

Spriral House

Script: Dunya Khayame, Erica Brumage
Producers: Up a gum Tree productions (SA), Hazazah Pictures (NL)
Logline: In 1794 on a remote estate at the Cape of Good Hope, as a freed slave and her wigmaker employer weave a wig to hide a secret, she discovers that the Master of the house is hiding a bigger and far more sinister secret in a strange building in the forest.


Script: Henna Anyda Renfurm
Producers: Na Aap Productions Pty Ltd (SA), Revolver (NL)
Logline: A women’s journey for liberation/finding her voice.