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Festive Launch of Studio Caribe in Curaçao and Aruba

With this initiative, local screenwriters, directors, and producers can submit a film plan for a short (youth) film, ranging from 5 to 30 minutes, to the Film Fund. Twelve projects will be selected from the submissions to receive support in developing their film plan. Throughout the Studio Caribe program, the creators will receive coaching, training, and workshops. Ultimately, six projects will proceed to the realization of a short film.

Studio Caribe launch on Aruba by Kenny Theysen

Filmmakers from the islands have been able to apply to the Film Fund for some time. However, Studio Caribe specifically provides space for creators from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom to further develop their talents and contribute to the enrichment of films with original stories from and about the islands.

During the launch, Studio Caribe was introduced to the guests—filmmakers, producers, journalists, dignitaries, and other invitees—by Monique Ruinen and Ilse Ronteltap from the Film Fund.

Studio Caribe launch on Curaçao by Ruben Oosterling

"The atmosphere is incredibly enthusiastic, and the turnout is significant: it's fantastic to see so much interest from island creators in Studio Caribe already. During the launch, not only did we talk to many of them, but they also engaged in conversations with each other, giving the initiative a positive boost in strengthening the filmmaking landscape on the islands. We can't wait for all the applications we'll receive soon!"

- Monique Ruinen, Netherlands Film Fund

Studio Caribe launch on Aruba by Kenny Theysen

"Studio Caribe will make a big difference in the film landscape on the islands. There is a lot of young talent that can work on a short film through this program and, with coaching, develop into full-fledged filmmakers who will hopefully make the move to feature films in the future."

- Eloise van Wickeren, Film Commissioner Curaçao

Apply for Studio Caribe

Starting from April 15, it is possible to submit an application for Studio Caribe. The deadline is Tuesday, May 21, 2024. Click here for more information.