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Five minority co-productions receive grant from Netherlands Film Fund

The five selected projects are being made in Poland, Greece, Turkey and Ireland. Read more details below.

Divia (documentary)

Direction/screenplay: Dmytro Hreshko
Production: Gogol Film (PL)
Co-production: Valk Productions B.V. (NL), UP UA Studio (UA)

Logline: The ravaged body of Ukrainian nature is the main character behind this visually and sound driven observational documentary. Silently laying bare the catastrophic impacts of war, nature resists and gradually heals itself.

Granted support: € 70,000

Behind the Green Curtain (documentary)

Direction/screenplay: Neasa Ní Chianáin
Production: Soilsiu Teoranta (IE)
Co-production: Docmakers B.V. (NL), Clin d'Oeil films (BE)

Logline: The leader of Ireland’s Green Party has pursued the dream of climate justice for over thirty years. But Eamon Ryan’s dream now has twin streams, as family brings new meaning to his quest.

Granted support: € 70,000

The Birthday Party (feature film)

Direction/screenplay: Miguel Angel Jiménez, Giorgos Karnavas
Production: Heretic (GR)
Co-production: Lemming Film B.V. (NL), Fasten Films (ES), Rowdy Entertainment (UK)

Logline: The Birthday Party is set against the beautiful Mediterranean landscape and an extravagant birthday party. A ruthless multi-millionaire in charge of a business empire, will entirely lose his grip on any sense of right and wrong when he tries to control the lives of those around him whatever the cost, leading to a heartbreaking clash with his daughter.

Granted support: € 350,000

Learning to Breathe Under Water (feature film)

Direction/screenplay: Rebekah Fortune, Richard Brabin
Production: Wildcard Film (IE)
Co-production: KeyFilm B.V. (NL), Shudder Films Limited (UK)

Logline: Eight-year-old Leo’s best friend is an 8m shark which his dad Peter, an artist, put on the roof of their house. Leo misses his mum and Peter misses his wife, but their new Bulgarian au pair Anya (28) isn’t either of those things – she’s a whole different kettle of fish. Leo’s unique perspectives bring humour imagination,and an innocent charm to this off-beat comedy drama

Granted support: € 250,000

Salvation (feature film)

Direction/screenplay: Emin Alper
Production: Liman Film (TR)
Co-production: Circe Films B.V. (NL), Gloria Films (FR), Horsefly Films (GR)

Logline: After a violent period marked by regional terrorism, Sheikh Ferit of the Hazeran tribe is confronted with the return of the Beziki tribe, who reclaim their old lands. Ferit and his brother Mesut hold differing views on how to deal with the conflict. As the unrest intensifies, the disagreement between the brothers deepens,giving rise to a devastating struggle for power, land, and survival.

Granted support: € 150,000

Image: The Birthday Party - Copyright: Slim Aarons