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Eight new co-productions from the Netherlands and Flanders supported

The following Flemish productions are granted support:

Marching in the Dark (documentary)

Director: Kinshuk Surjan
Script: Kinshuk Surjan
Producer: Clin d'Oeil (BE)
Co-producer: SNG Film (NL), NoCut Film Collective (IN), Point du Jour - Les films du balibari (FR)
Logline: For more than 20 years, India has been dealing with a high suicide rate among farmers. A group of widows who want to continue their husband's farming business come together to share their problems. 28-year-old introverted Sanjeevani finds the courage to be self-reliant in quiet rebellion against a patriarchal society.
Granted contribution: € 50.000,-

Zaad (documentary)

Director: Dries Meddens
Script: Dries Meddens
Producer: Associate Directors (BE)
Co-producer: seriousFilm (NL)
Logline: Zaad is the story of a man who gazes blindly at the supposed heredity of his father's mental illness, without realizing that the most powerful drug against it is within his grasp.
Granted contribution: € 50.000,-

Close (feature film)

Director: Lukas Dhont
Script: Lukas Dhont en Angelo Tijssens
Producer: Menuet (BE)
Co-producer: Topkapi Films (NL), Versus Production (BE), Diaphana Distribution (FR)
Logline: Leo and Oscar, both 13, have been inseparable ever since they can remember. As they start Middle school their proximity is questioned by their peers. Leo takes more distance from his friendship against better judgement. When a tragic event happens this distance becomes unbridgeable. Close portrays an uncomfortable truth about boys who are growing up that is harsh and moving at the same time.
Granted contribution: € 200.000,-

Zeevonk (speelfilm)

Director: Domien Huyghe
Script: Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem en Wendy Huyghe
Producer: A Private View (BE)
Co-producer: Viking Film (NL), Nukleus Film (HR)
Logline: A North Sea fisherman dies at sea in mysterious circumstances. His 12-year-old daughter Lena can’t believe it was an accident: she becomes convinced that a monster, wrenched from the ocean depths, is responsible for her father’s death.
Granted contribution: € 200.000,-

The following Dutch productions are granted support:

Journey to the Northern Lights (documentary)

Director: Wim van der Aar
Script: Wim van der Aar, Hasse van Nunen, Renko Douze
Producer: Submarine Docs (NL)
Co-producer: Savage Film (BE)
Logline: In 2013 a group of idealistic adventurers set out to sea in a self-renovated boat, without any sailing experience. They are faced with an unexpected, life-defining choice: actual freedom or safety? A film about friendship, peer pressure and loyalty.
Granted contribution: € 50.000,-

Miss Moxy (feature animation)

Director: Vincent Bal, Sem Assink
Script: Maureen Versprille
Producer: Phanta Film (NL)
Co-producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (BE), Zooper Film (DE), White Spot Film (DE), Doghouse Films (LU)
Logline:aA domesticated cat gets lost during a holiday and must find her way back home through Europe with the help of the most despicable creatures a cat can imagine: A dog and a bird. During this journey, she broadens her outlook on life and discovers the true meaning of friendship.
Granted contribution: € 200.000,-

Onder de Blote Hemel (feature film)

Director: Lilian Sijbesma
Script: Lilian Sijbesma
Producer: Revolver Amsterdam (NL)
Co-producer: Serendipity Films (BE)
Logline: Elvie (10) grows up in a mobile home, where she lives with her mentally disabled mother Emma on a campsite that is owned by her grandfather Bucko, in the middle of a forest. Their lives aren’t always easy, but
the three of them found a way to function together as a family. When Elvie mentally starts to outgrow her mother, while at the same time her grandpa looses his grip on the situation, their isolated world in the forest slowly starts to fall apart.
Granted contribution: € 200.000,-

Whitetail (speelfilm)

Director: Nanouk Leopold
Script: Nanouk Leopold
Producer: Circe Films (NL), Kaap Holland Film (NL)
Co-producer: Savage Film (BE)
Logline: When Jen’s old boyfriend Harlan returns to her small town in upstate New York, she is forced to face the tragedy that marked them for life.
Granted contribution € 200.000,-

Films such as the Oscar-nominated The Broken Circle Breakdown, The Barefoot Emperor and Award-winning Girl by Lukas Dhont were also backed by this scheme. In 2018, Becoming Mona and Dark Rider were amongst the selected productions. Click here to find out more.

Images: Onder de Blote Hemel, Marching in the Dark, Zaad, Miss Moxy, Whitetail (Jeroen Bodewits, Groen hert)