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Support for international minority productions with the Netherlands

In the second round of 2022 several projects are selected for support.

The Minority co-production feature film and documentary support scheme focuses on co-productions with a substantial creative and technical contribution from the Netherlands.

The following projects are selected:

It's Not Moscow Here, documentary

Director/script: Filip Remunda
Producer: Hypermarket Film (CZ)
Co-producer: Volya Films B.V (NL)
Granted support: € 50.000

Striguni, feature

Director/script: Aldo Tardozzi
Producer: ZIVA Production (HR)
Co-producer: De Productie (Stichting) (NL)
Granted support: € 140.000

Vancouver, feature

Director/script: Vanja d'Alcantara
Producent: Iota Production (BE)
Co-producers: Le Bureau (FR), Savage Film (BE), Volya Films B.V (NL)
Logline: Toni, released from prison, goes back to live with her mother Betty. Toni is determined to get her daughter Anna back. She works in her uncle's brewery, but becomes embroiled in the affairs of Max, Anna's father. Toni will have to show her fighting spirit to free herself from this toxic environment, and take her place as a mother and free woman.
Granted support: € 200.000

Five Seasons Of Revolution, documentary

Director/script: Lina
Producer: No Nation Films GmbH (DE)
Co-producers: Docmakers BV (NL), Piraya Film OS (NO)
Logline: In her twenties, an aspiring video journalist finds herself already facing self-reckoning. Born in Damascus, Lina starts to report on the events around her but is compelled to become a war reporter and later, the unexpected narrator of her own destiny.
Granted support: € 50.000

The next application deadline for the Minority co-production feature (animation) film and documentary support and the Minority co-production short animation and research & experiment is 16 May, 29 August and 24 October 2022. For more information, click here for feature (animation) film and documentary and here for short animation, research & experiment.

Image: Five Seasons of Revolution