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Fund supported projects at Les Arcs 2023

Les Arcs will feature new Dutch productions, as well as a Dutch Focus featuring films from the past 20 years. Click here to read more about the Dutch spotlight at the festival. The following Fund supported titles will feature at Les Arcs 2023:

Main programme

Official competition

Sweet Dreams (2023)
Direction & screenplay: Ena Sendijarević
Production: Lemming Film


Melk (2023)
Direction: Stefanie Kolk
Screenplay: Stefanie Kolk & Nena van Driel
Production: Lemming Film


Borgman (2013)
Direction & screenplay: Alex van Warmerdam
Production: Graniet Film BV

Brimstone (2016)
Direction & screenplay: Martin Koolhoven
Production: N279 Entertainment & X-FILME CREATIVE POOL

Bloody Marie (2019)
Direction & screenplay: Guido van Driel & Lennert Hillege
Production: Family Affair Films

Silver Haze (2023)
Direction & screenplay: Sacha Polak
Production: Emu Films & Viking Film

Kiddo (2023)
Direction: Zara Dwinger
Screenplay: Zara Dwinger & Nena van Driel
Production: Studio Ruba

They Call Me Babu (2019)
Direction & screenplay: Sandra Beerends
Production: Pieter van Huystee Film & TV

Focus - shorts

A Single Life (2014)
Direction, screenplay & production: Job, Joris & Marieke

Pig (2022)
Direction & screenplay: Jorn Leeuwerink
Production: Studio Pupil

It's Nice in Here (2022)
Direction & screenplay: Robert-Jonathan Koeyers
Production: Valk Productions

Foster (2021)
Direction & screenplay: Jordi Wijnalda
Production: Labyrint Film

Spotless (2021)
Direction: Emma Branderhorst
Screenplay: Milou Rohde & Emma Branderhorst
Production: IJswater Films

Flow (2019)
Direction & screenplay: Adriaan Lokman
Production: Valk Productions & Dark Prince

Wall #4 (2021)
Direction & screenplay: Lucas Camps
Production: Lucas Camps Producties

Industry Village

Coproduction Village

Don't Let Us Drown
Direction & screenplay: Emiel Sandtke
Production: Room for Film

Direction: Emma Westenberg
Screenplay: Jaap-Peter Enderlé
Production: Halal

The Possessed
Direction: Ena Sendijarević
Production: Aventura

Talent Village

This Will Not End Well
Direction: Emma Branderhorst
Production: Kepler Film

Work in Progress

Direction: Bobbie Koek
Production: FIXY Films