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Dutch cinema honoured at Les Arcs Film Festival

Dutch films at the festival

A large number of Dutch feature films will be screened. Ena Sendijarević’s Sweet Dreams**, which has received awards at the festivals of Locarno and Chicago, won six Golden Calves at the Netherlands Film Festival and is the Netherlands’ entry to the Oscars, is one of the eight films vying for the Crystal Arrow in the Official Competition. Melk**, Stefanie Kolk’s debut feature that world premiered in Venice Giornate degli Autori, is presented in Hauteur, the auteur cinema section for audacious films with contemporary and moving subjects.

The special Focus programme includes some of the most successful Dutch feature films from the past twenty years: Kiddo** (2023) by Zara Dwinger, Silver Haze** (2023) by Sacha Polak, Bloody Marie** (2019) by Guido van Driel, Brimstone** (2016) by Martin Koolhoven, Borgman* (2013) by Alex van Warmerdam, Blackbook (2006) by Paul Verhoeven and Sandra Beerends’ feature length documentary They Call Me Babu** (2019).

Les Arcs also shows a wide variety of critically acclaimed and award-winning short films from the Netherlands. A Day in the Life of a Female Frame by Ilke Paddenburg (Millstreet Films) will celebrate its international premiere in the Short Film Official Competition. Part of the Focus are animated shorts It’s Nice in Here* (2022) by Robert-Jonathan Koeyers, Pig (2022) by Jorn Leeuwerink, Flow* (2019) by Adriaan Lokman, A Single Life* (2014) by Job, Joris and Marieke and Jona/Tomberry (2005) by Rosto and live action short films Foster* (2021) by Jordi Wijnalda, Wall #4 by Lucas Camps and Spotless* (2021) by Emma Branderhorst.

Dutch presence at Industry Village

Emma Branderhorst is also selected for Les Arcs Talent Village, which aims at encouraging the rise of a new generation of daring and ambitious film directors, as well as accompanying them in the journey of their first feature film. Emma participates in the Talent Village with her project This Will Not End Well (produced by Keplerfilm).

The Netherlands is also strongly represented in the Coproduction Village: Ena Sendijarević presents her new project The Possessed (produced by Aventura) and she is joined by Emma Westenberg with Angels (production: Halal) and Emiel Sandkte with Don’t Let Us Drown (production: Room for Film).

Bobbie Koek's Paradise is one of the Work in Progress projects presented in the Industry Village to sales agents, distributors, festival programmers and other industry professionals.

To further showcase Dutch creation, several highly talented film composers will be present. There will be a Masterclass on composing music for the screen, attended by Laura Bell, music supervisor for Sweet Dreams, together with director Ena Sendijarević and produced Erik Glijnis (Lemming Film). Furthermore film composers Ella van der Woude (Moloch and Silver Haze) and Matthijs Kieboom (Wolf) participate in a matchmaking programme, Jac van Exter (Kiddo) is one of the participants of the talent trajectory and Belle Doron and Sebastiaan Dutilh’s indie electronic band CUT_ are playing during the Opening Ceremony.

The Dutch delegation at Les Arcs consists of...

Film directors: Ena Sendijarević (Sweet Dreams, project: The Possessed), Zara Dwinger (Kiddo), Sacha Polak (Silver Haze), Stefanie Kolk (Melk), Sandra Beerends (They Call Me Babu), Martin Koolhoven (Brimstone), Guido van Driel (Bloody Marie), Emma Branderhorst (Spotless, project: This Will Not End Well), Emma Westenberg (project: Angels), Emiel Sandtke (project: Don’t Let Us Drown), Mees Peijnenburg (Paradise Drifters and Les Arcs Short Film Jury Member) and Bobbie Koek (work in progress: Paradise).

Producers: Derk-Jan Warrink (company: Keplerfilm, project: This Will Not End Well), Eva Verweij and Loes Koomen (Room for Film, project: Don’t Let Us Drown), Gijs Kerbosch and Ingmar Conjarts (Halal, project: Angels), Wouter Jansen (Aventura, project: The Possessed), Janneke Doolaard and Annemarie Siemons (Fixy, work in progress: Paradise), Lisette Kelder (The Film Kitchen), Frank Hoeve (BALDR), Erik Glijnis (Lemming Film), Layla Meerman (Studio Ruba).

Also part of the film delegations: Lennert Hillege (D.o.P. Bloody Marie), Frieda Barnhard (actor Kiddo) and her agent Gijsje Grosfeld.

Film composers: Laura Bell (Sweet Dreams), Ella van der Woude, Matthijs Kieboom, Jac van Exter and Belle Doron and Sebastiaan Dutilh (CUT_).

Netherlands Film Fund: Ilse Ronteltap (Head of International), Dany Delvoie (Project Manager International).

Buma Music in Motion: Maartje Glas (General Manager), Yasmine Harmsen (Head of Projects).

SEE NL: Edith van der Heijde (Promotion Manager).

*film supported by the Netherlands Film Fund
**supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and Netherlands Production Incentive
Source: SEE NL