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Four minority co-productions selected

They are two feature films, one short animation and one project in the research & experiment category:

Weird Elliot (feature film)

Director/Script: Johannes Nyholm
Producer: HOBAB (SE)
Co-producer: BALDR Film (NL), FRAU Film (DK)
Logline: When autistic vlogger Elliot is forced out of his apartment, he finds traces of a dead body on an old videotape. In his efforts to solve the mystery, he locates the house of the crime, and decides to move in.
Granted support: € 130.000,-

Reostat (feature film)

Director: Teodora Ana Mihai
Script: Cristian Mungiu
Producer: Mindset Productions (RO)
Co-producern: Bastide Film (NL), Mobra Films (RO), Lunanime (BE), Les Films du Fleuve (BE)
Logline: Reostat is based on the true story of the famous art robbery which took place in The Netherlands. Through the different stories of immigrants, this film discusses the conflicts and differences between social classes and between East and West. In a global world the search for a solution for co-existence becomes more and more urgent.
Granted support: € 250.000,-

New Look for Lion (short animation)

Director: Ana Chubinidze
Script: Ana Chubinidze
Producer: Folimage Studio (FR),
Co-producer: Family Affair Films (NL), Pocket Studio (GE)
Logline: In search of the perfect new haircut for the party, Lion visits every hairdresser in town. Zebra, Elephant, Antelope, Parrot, and Flamingo all fail to make him look special, until a sudden rain helps Lion realize the best look is the natural one.
Granted support: € 50.000,-

Tropical Bungalow (research & experiment)

Director: Roland Vergunst
Script: Lotte Lola Vermeer
Producer: Krater Films (BE)
Co-producer: The Film Kitchen (NL)
Logline: Tropical Bungalow is an experimental essay film about the colonial experience of the Flemish woman and the Congolese in Belgian Congo, today’s Democratic Republic of Congo. Two perspectives that are still too often missing in white hetero male-dominated historical narratives.
Granted support: € 50.000,-

Image: Tropical Bungalow