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Minority co-production feature film and documentary


Funding is available for Dutch minority co-production in the categories feature film, feature-length animation film and documentary.

Please note: This page is for informational purposes only. You can find the official text for this scheme on the Dutch website of the Netherlands Film Fund. Wherever there is any conflict between this webpage and the Dutch page for this scheme, the latter shall prevail.

A Duch minority co-producer can apply for the production of a Dutch minority co-production in the categories feature film, feature-length animation film and documentary.  

The submitted projects are assessed by a committee based on their artistic and creative quality, as well as the substantial input from Dutch film professionals in terms of creativity and technical expertise. Additionally, the production-related aspects are evaluated by the Production department of the Film Fund.   

International co-producing sharpens the artistic vision of the film maker, provides a broader financial base for film projects and contributes to the international visibility of Dutch films, film professionals, and the film industry. It also promotes professional knowledge and creative exchange. The artistic and financial collaboration has a positive impact on the visibility of Dutch talent abroad and offers Dutch filmmakers a better chance in the international market.   

Recent examples of films created with a contribution from this scheme are the feature films Druk (Thomas Vinterberg, 2020) and Quo Vadis, Aida? (Jasmila Žbanić, 2020), feature-length animation Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (Pierre Földes, 2022) and documentary The Natural History of Destruction (Sergei Loznitsa, 2022). 

The scheme is for Dutch-minority film plans for feature films, feature-length animation films and documentaries.  

The application can be submitted by the Dutch minority co-producer of the project only. This producer must represent a production company (a legal entity, i.e. not a sole proprietorship or VOF) that has been established for at least two years in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a member state of the EU, EEA or in Switzerland and produces and operates films and other audiovisual productions on a continuous basis. 

In addition, this producer must have been primarily responsible, as a majority producer, for producing: 

  • at least one feature film with a theatrical release in the Netherlands (application for feature film/feature-length animated film); or 
  • at least one (feature-length) documentary with a cinema release in the Netherlands (documentary application). 

Feature film and feature-length animated film: 

Films with a productionbudget up to € 3 million can apply for a maximum contribution of €250,000

Films with a budget higher than € 3 million can apply for a maximum contribution of €450,000


Film plans for documentaries can apply for a maximum contribution of €70,000

All applications must demonstrate that: 

  • 50% of the financing from the main producer’s country is confirmed; 
  • The total contribution of Dutch funds and market parties in the production of the film is at least 10% of the total production costs; 
  • Parties have agreed, by means of a signed statement, on how the tasks and responsibilities between the foreign majority co-producer and Dutch minority co-producer will be arranged and how the co-production will take shape; 
  • The national theatrical release is guaranteed in the country of the majority co-producer either by a film distributor or by local market players in the exhibition chain;
  • The applicant holds the exclusive filming and operating rights of the film production for the Benelux or, if this is not possible, these rights for the Dutch territory;
  • The film production will have a (non-)theatrical release in the Netherlands. To this end, the applicant must submit a written statement signed by a Dutch film distributor and/or a Dutch broadcaster and/or have a detailed release plan aimed at audience reach and visibility in the Netherlands;
  • Global revenues and any financial contributions from Eurimages and/or other European funding will be allocated pro rata to the applicant;
  • The subsidy amount is fully spent in the Netherlands (cast, crew etc.);
  • The contribution from the Film Fund is subordinate to the contribution of the foreign fund, national fund and/or the main financier.


  • The financing of a film production must be fully and unconditionally committed by third parties with 18 months after the decision to grant the subsidy by the Film Fund.

An application for this scheme can be submitted before 17:00 CET on the day of the deadline. 

Upcoming deadlines

  • Minority co-production feature film and documentary
  • Minority co-production feature film and documentary


A selection committee is responsible for the substantive assessment and advising on applications.

Production related aspects

The Production and Subsidy departments assess the production-related aspects of applications. 

Under Article 3 of the General Regulations, the director/manager decides on the application. Within the limited resources available to the Fund, a selection is made from the priorities identified under Article 15 of the Realisation Subrules. 

A grant award from the Fund does not guarantee selection in any subsequent applications. 

Applications for production support can be submitted on application dates by the Dutch producer (click here).

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