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Two Dutch minority co-productions supported

The Minority co-production feature film and documentary support scheme focuses on co-productions with a substantial creative and technical contribution from the Netherlands.

The projects are:

Banzo, feature film

Director & Script: Margarida Cardoso
Producer: Uma Pedra No Sapato (PO)
Co-producers: Les Films de L'après-Midi (FR), BALDR film (NL)
Logline: 1907. Afonso, a doctor, arrives at Principe Island to cure servants from a cocoa plantation "infected" with Banzo, nostalgia of the slaves, who are dying from starvation and suicide. The group is confined to the forest, where Afonso decides to heal them by trying to understand what is affecting their soul. Will he manage to save them?
Granted support: € 200.000,-

Electric Child, feature film

Director & Script: Simon Jaquemet
Producer: 8horses (CH)
Co-producers: Unafilm (DE), Revolver Amsterdam (NL)
Logline: Sonny and his wife Akiko are overwhelmed with delight when their first son is born. Sonny is a computer scientist working on a high-profile project that consists of creating a brand new, complex AI life form that exists on a self-contained, virtual island. When Sonny and Akiko’s son is diagnosed with a rare, life threatening disease, their blissful life as young parents takes a tragic turn.
Granted support: € 230.000

The next application deadline for the Minority co-production feature film and documentary support scheme is 17 January 2022. Click here for more information.

Beeld: Banzo, Electric Child