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Support for two minority co-productions

Behind feature film Värn by John Skoog is a strong international team with a solid Dutch part and festival potential. The Walled Off Hotel, by Amer Shomali and Clarens Grollman, is a VR project with an interesting combination of fiction and non-fiction, with the potential to reach a wide and international audience.

Värn (Feature film)

Director: John Skoog
Script: John Skoog, Kettil Kasang
Producer: Plattform Produktion (SE),
Co-producer: Lemming Film (NL), Paloma Productions (DK), Bufo (FI), Madants (PL)
Logline: On a hot, bright, and dry summer, sometime in the second half of the 20th century, farmhand and loner Karl-Goran Persson begins to fortify his house on the flat plains of southern Sweden. Deeply affected by the state’s advice for war preparations in the pamphlet If war comes”, he wants to protect him and his neighbours when the enemy attacks or the disaster comes.
Granted support: € 190.000,00,-

The Walled Off Hotel (Research & Experiment)

Director: Amer Shomali, Clarens Grollman
Producer: K5 Factory GmbH (DE), Odeh Films (PS)
Co-producer: BIND (NL)
Logline: Banksy, the famous yet anonymous British graffiti artist, has created The Walled Off Hotel - a fully functioning hotel in Bethlehem which overlooks the wall separating Israel and Palestine in the occupied West Bank. Our VR experience invites you to learn about the art of Banksy, the Middle East conflict – and takes you to an adventure with the rock star Ka.
Granted support: € 50.000,-

A minority co-production must be of exceptional artistic quality in international co-production terms and show evidence for example of substantial creative and technical input by film professionals from the Netherlands.

The next upcoming deadlines for both schemes is set on Monday the 21st of August before 17:00 hr CET.

Top image: Värn by John Skoog, image by Ita Zbroniec-Zajt / Plattform Produktion AB