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Successful first year for Netherlands Film Production Incentive

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive proved to be of great benefit to the production activity in Dutch film industry during its first year of operation.

Since the launch in June 2014, 92 projects have been granted rebates totaling 22.3 million euro. This sum was allocated across 71 feature films, 19 documentaries and two animated films. The total production budget spend in the Netherlands on these projects amounts to over 108 million euro. 14 films have premiered, 48 are currently in production and 30 are now in their final funding stage.

59 projects were made as international co-productions with countries such as Belgium, Ireland, Germany, France, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Mexico, Estonia, Austria, Japan, Norway and Argentina.

Supported projects include:

  • Love & Friendship, by director Whit Stillman based on the novella ‘Lady Susan’ by Jane Austen, a co-production between Ireland and the Netherlands. The Director of Photography is a Dutchman, Richard van Oosterhout and the sound will be processed in the Netherlands by sound designer Ranko Paukovic.
  • The ambitious special effects and post-production work on The Night Of A Thousand Hours by Virgil Widrich is currently being undertaken by Filmmore Amsterdam. The film is a co-production of the Netherlands with Luxembourg and Austria.
  • Brimstone by Martin Koolhoven is a Dutch Western made in collaboration with Hungary, Germany and Belgium. Involved are Dutch production designer Floris Vos, editor Job ter Burg and sound designer Herman Pieëte. The film stars US actress Dakota Fanning.
  • Kebab Royal by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth is a Belgian production made with Bulgaria and the Netherlands. The production employs the talents of Dutch cinematographer Ton Peters and his team as well as sound designer Michel Schöpping.
  • The animation project In the Huckybucky forest by director Rasmus A. Sivertsen is a Norwegian- Dutch co-production with Dutch company Pedri Animation, who are overseeing the character design of the dolls.
  • Strike a Pose by directors Ester Gould en Reijer Zwaan is about Madonna’s backing dancers. A Dutch documentary co-produced with Belgium. Dutch Dorith Vinken is in charge of the editing.
The launch of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in 2014 marked a milestone for the Dutch film industry. The measure provides cash rebates of up to 30% of production spend in the Netherlands. The Incentive facilitates considerable production growth at home and strengthens the international competitiveness of the Dutch film industry.

August 25 and 3 November 2015 of this his year two further application rounds are planned. For the August round, cash rebates up to 11,608,862 euro can be granted.
Click here for a list of all projects that have benefited so far from the Netherlands Film Production Incentive by using ‘Categorie’ filter Production Incentive.