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Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests €9 million in 26 projects in first half of 2022

In the first and second round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive 2022 contributions were made to 26 productions for a total amount of €9 million.

During the first round 8 feature films, 1 documentary and 1 animation feature film received contribution, in the second round 10 feature films and 6 documentaries were eligible for the 35% cash rebate.

The contributions of both round will generate more than 33,9 million in production expenses in the Netherlands across the entire spectrum of Dutch film professionals and film companies.

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the first round of 2022 are:

The 8th Continent (Tomas Kaan, Luuk Bouwman)
Banzo (Margarida Cardoso)
Electric Child (Simon Jaquemet)
Faithfully Yours (Andre van Duren)
Jippie No More (Margien Rogaar)
Lion (Raymond Grimbergen)
The Omen (Baloji)
According to Tradition (Michiel ten Horn)
Fox and Hare Save the Forest (Mascha Halberstad)
Summer Brother (Joren Molter)

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the second round of 2022 are::

The Age of Magic (Peter Krüger)
Charlie Chapin, A Man of the World (Carmen Chaplin)
Sisterhood (Jelle de Jonge)
True Vermeer (Suzanne Raes)
The Forgotten History (Roya Sadat)
The Memory Game (Lien Willaert & Jan Verheyen)
Hardcore Never Dies (Jim Taihuttu)
Always Yours (Arjen Sinninghe Damsté)
Kiddo (Zara Dwinger)
Kalak (Isabella Eklöf)
Mother Surinam (Tessa Leuwsha)
Just Like in the Movies (Albert Jan van Rees)
In the Line of Fire (Roel Reiné)
Soldier’s Bones (Kasper Verkaik)
The Tatta’s (Jamel Aattache)
Lost City (Willy Lindwer)

Upcoming application round 2022

The next application round for Netherlands Film Production Incentive is 22 August 2022. The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a financial contribution in the form of a cash rebate on the qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands. Click for more information.

Full view of all 26 productions:

The 8th Continent (documentary)

Director: Tomas Kaan, Luuk Bouwman
Script: Luuk Bouwman,Tomas Kaan
Dutch producer: NL Film & TV
Logline: It’s incredibly difficult to go to the moon. So far only three countries have successfully landed. The coming year eight missions from all over the world are going to the moon. We will be there when they prepare and try. Who are going to the moon, why are they going and will they succeed?
Granted support: € 880,366

According to Tradition (feature film)

Director: Michiel ten Horn
Script: Michiel ten Horn
Dutch producer: New Ams Film Company
Co-producers: 2Pilots Filmproduction (DE), Fobic Films (BE)
Logline: Provincial criminal Jos (50) has, to his great frustration, been completely sidelined. His daughter disrespects him, his wife distrusts him, his friends laugh at him, and he doesn’t understand why everybody suddenly loves XTC, MDMA, C3PO or whatever. In search for a solution to a drug deal gone disastrously wrong, he tries desperately to find an answer to the question: Who or what is punishing me!?
Granted support: € 594,653

Banzo (feature film)

Director: Margarida Cardoso (PT)
Script: Margarida Cardoso (PT)
Dutch co-producer: BALDR film
Lead producer: Uma Pedro No Sapato (PT)
Co-producer: Les Films de L’Après-Midi (FR)
Logline: 1907. Afonso, a doctor, arrives on Principe Island to cure slaves from a cocoa plantation that has been "infected" with Banzo, nostalgia of the slaves, causing them to die of hunger and suicide. The group is confined to the forest, where Afonso decides to cure them by trying to understand what affects their souls. Will he succeed in saving them?
Granted support: € 84,986

Electric Child (feature film)

Director: Simon Jaquemet (CH)
Script: Simon Jaquemet (CH)
Dutch co-producer: Revolver Amsterdam
Lead producer: 8 Horses (CH)
Co-producer: Unafilm (DE)
Logline: When his newborn son is threatened by a rare disease, a computer-scientist enters into a pact with the complex AI lifeform he is developing.
Granted support: € 150,734

Faithfully Yours (feature film)

Director: Andre van Duren
Script: Paul-Jan Nelissen
Dutch producer: Millstreet Films
Logline: Lying leads to a painfull truth.
Granted support: € 646,000

Fox and Hare Save the Forest (animated feature film)

Director: Mascha Halberstad
Script: Fabie Hulsebos
Dutch producer: Submarine Animation
Co-producers: Walking the Dog (BE), Doghouse Films (LU)
Logline: One day, Fox and Hare find that Owl has disappeared. Together with their friends, they search the forest to find him, but instead they discover a big lake that was not there before. Could the sudden appearance of the lake have anything to do with Owl’s disappearance? They must go and find Owl, who is somewhere out there on the rapidly rising water... It is the start of an exciting and fun adventure.
Granted support: € 470,000

Jippie No More (feature film)

Director: Margien Rogaar
Script: Fiona van Heemstra
Dutch producer: Pupkin Film
Logline: Against the backdrop of the preparations for the wedding of his eldest sister, Jippie, a 15-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, gets challenged by his grandfather to grow up and be a man. Struggling to live up to these expectations, Jippie goes to extremes trying to win his dream girl Lily’s heart, only to discover that he will never be the man his grandfather wants him to be. But in the process, Jippie learns to be proud of who he really is.
Granted support: € 380,759

Lion (feature film)

Director: Raymond Grimbergen
Script: Jeroen Margry
Dutch producer: Levitate Film
Co-producer: The Media Brothers
Logline: When the 14-year old Rosi from Suriname - a girl with more soccer talent than self-confidence – has to move to Holland, nothing comes naturally anymore. The annual school football tournament seems to offer a solution.
Granted support: € 446,400

Summer Brother (feature film)

Director: Joren Molter
Script: Britt Snel
Dutch producer: Family Affair Films
Co-producer: Polar Bear (BE)
Logline: During a blistering hot summer, lonely Brian (13) seeks for warmth and affection from his father. Suddenly the care of his severely disabled brother is imposed on him. Brian is forced to grow up but finds love from an unexpected source.
Granted support: € 387,574

The Omen (feature film)

Director: Baloji (BE)
Script: Baloji (BE)
Dutch co-producer: New Ams Film Company
Lead producer: Wrong Men (BE)
Co-producers: Serendipity (BE), Tosala Films (CD), Logical Pictures (FR)
Logline: After years in Belgium, a young Congolese man comes back to his hometown Kinshasa to face the complexities of his family and his culture. The Omen casts some magic realism to paint a portrait of “outcasts” and “sorcerers” through the woven stories of different people, genders and generations, facing the bigotry and wonder of those around them.
Granted support: € 66,215

The Age of Magic (feature film)

Director: Peter Krüger (BE)
Script: Peter Krüger (BE)
Dutch co-producer: The Film Kitchen
Lead producer: Savage Film (BE)
Co-producers: Inti Films, Velvet Films (BE)
Logline: Together with a film crew, a black writer and his girlfriend arrive at an old mysterious town on the shores of a luminous lake. Over the course of three days, they are changed by the town’s magic. Hovering between dream and reality, they try to refind the Arcadian dream.
Granted support: € 154,291

Always Yours (documentary)
Director: Arjen Sinninghe Damsté
Script: Sarah Vos
Dutch producer: Tomtit Film
Logline: Life song singer Mart Hoogkamer junior is on his way to the top, but at the same time the disturbed relationships within his dysfunctional family are on edge. Can the family rise above itself and support junior, or will it cut off the ladder to fame from within?
Granted support: € 76,765

Charlie Chaplin, A Man of the World (documentary)

Director: Carmen Chaplin (IE)
Script: Margarida Cardoso (PT)
Dutch co-producer: Submarine Docs
Lead producer: Atlantika Films (ES)
Co-producers: Wave of Humanity (ES), Constellation Productions (FR), The Caravan Trail (ES)
Logline: Charlie Chaplin, A Man of the World is a unique journey into Charlie Chaplin's roots through the eyes of his family and great gypsy artists.
Granted support: € 55,455

The Forgotten History (feature film)

Director: Roya Sadat (AF)
Script: Aziz Deldar(AF)
Dutch co-producer: BALDR film
Lead producer: Roya Film House
Co-producers: Alba Sotorra (ES), Urban Factory (FR)
Logline: In the pre-civil war context in Afghanistan, the childhood friendship of Soraya (18) and Sima (20) will be disrupted by their apparently opposed ideals. But through the years, they will discover that friendship is stronger than any of the political interests that have kept them apart.
Granted support: € 123,323

Hardcore Never Dies (feature film)

Director: Jim Taihuttu
Script: Jim Taihuttu
Dutch producer: New Ams Film Company
Co-producer: Wrong Men (BE)
Logline: When Michiel (17) discovers gabber in the mid-nineties, he not only goes wild on this new hardcore music, but also on freedom, brotherhood and xtc. But when the amateurish pill-selling business of his brother Danny takes on international proportions, they become the prey in a deadly manhunt across Europe’s nightlife.
Granted support: € 867,222

In the Line of Fire (feature film)

Director: Roel Reiné
Script: Alex van Galen
Dutch producer: KeyFilm
Logline: After receiving the highest military award of the Netherlands, posttraumatic stress and a court case turn Marco Kroon’s life into an emotional rollercoaster. As his superiors, the press and the public turn against the fallen hero, it is hard to hide that he’s harboring a secret.
Granted support: € 779,255

Just Like in the Movies (feature film)

Director: Albert Jan van Rees
Script: Dorien Goertzen
Dutch producer: KeyFilm
Co-producer: Prime Time (BE)
Logline: When Annabel and Sander get picked for the school band, they bond for life but miss out on love. While they reunite later to form a band, their ambitions and feelings remain out of step with each other. The more success, the harder it is to remain loyal to oneself and each other.
Granted support: € 825,305

Kalak (feature film)

Director: Isabella Eklöf (SE)
Script: Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen (DK)
Dutch co-producer: Lemming Film
Lead producer: Manna Film (DK)
Co-producers: Mer Film (NO), Momento Film (SE), Made (FI)
Logline: Jan, father and nurse, constantly on the run from his past of being sexually abused, works in Nuuk, Greenland and yearns to be part of the collectivist culture.
Granted support: € 59,063

Kiddo (feature film)

Director: Zara Dwinger
Script: Nena van Driel & Zara Dwinger
Dutch producer: Studio Ruba
Co-producer: Shipsboy (PL)
Logline: Lu thinks she's spending an afternoon with her estranged mother Karina when she disappears into the adventure of a lifetime as Karina takes her to Poland in a beat-up sports car to stay together forever. The journey spirals out of control and Lu continues to step over her boundaries just to stay with her eccentric mother. Kiddo is a coming-of-age road movie with a nod to the lovers-on-the-run genre.
Granted support: € 313,761

Lost City (documentary)

Director: Willy Lindwer
Script: Willy Lindwer
Dutch producer: Staccato Films Netherlands
Co-producer: No Fear (NL)
Logline: Eighty thousand Amsterdam Jews were deported in less than 14 months during world war II. No one would have missed this extensive operation. No resistance was offered, indifference and fear reigned. The tram played a tragic and so far unknown role in the deportation of Amsterdam's Jews. The city lost its Jewish soul forever.
Granted support: € 70,331

The Memory Game (feature film)

Director: Lien Willaert & Jan Verheyen (BE)
Script: Lien Willaert & Jan Verheyen (BE)
Dutch producer: NL Film & TV
Co-producers: Interstellar Pictures (NL), Banijay Belgium (BE)
Logline: The body of Nathalie, the daughter who disappeared 25 years ago, is found on the DeRidder family estate. That find puts an end to the extension about her fate, but also stirs up many family secrets. The present is suddenly overshadowed by the past, and nothing will be the same...
Granted support: € 555,772

Mother Surinam (documentary)

Director: Tessa Leuwsha
Script: Tessa Leuwsha
Dutch producer: Pieter van Huystee Film & TV
Logline: A film about being rooted and uprooted. About being unfree and free. The life story of a charwoman against the background of Suriname's development towards an independent state.
Granted support: € 98,818

Sisterhood (feature film)

Director: Jelle de Jonge
Script: Eveline Hagenbeek
Dutch producer: Tom de Mol Productions
Co-producer: Dingie (BE)
Logline: Amanda (36) is Amsterdam South, spoiled and in divorce. Her twin sister, Rianne, is Rotterdam-Crooswijk, she's an ordinary Jane and suffers from agoraphobia. These troubled twins squabble together and travel to Marseille to scatter their father's ashes at Quatorze Juillet. That is, if they don't kill each other along the way.
Granted support: € 609,648

Soldier’s Bones (documentary)

Director: Kasper Verkaik
Script: Kasper Verkaik
Dutch producer: Zeppers Film & TV
Logline: In 1971 reporter Alec Shimkin discovers a secret US-led military campaign: Operation Speedy Express. This discovery may reveal war crimes on an immense scale. Yet nobody knows about Alec’s scoop, who went missing-in-action in Vietnam himself. In Alec’s footsteps, Soldier’s Bones searches for Speedy’s deadly echo in the Mekong Delta.
Granted support: € 103,671

The Tatta’s (feature film)

Director: Jamel Aattache
Script: Donny Singh
Dutch producer: Talent United
Co-producer: Brabant Films (NL)
Logline: A broke rich family has to start over in a new neighbourhood and make unlikely friends with their new neighbors.
Granted support: € 210,000

True Vermeer (documentary)

Director: Suzanne Raes
Script: Suzanne Raes
Dutch producer: Docmakers
Logline: In the run-up to the largest Vermeer exhibition ever at the Rijksmuseum, a number of Vermeer enthusiasts and experts set out in search of what makes a Vermeer truly Vermeer. In doing so, they get inside the head of the painer to analyze all the decisions he made.
Granted support: € 96,416

Images: The Forgotten History, Banzo, Summer Brother, The Omen, In the Line of Fire