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Meet the Dutch Creators at Venice Immersive Island

Five out of the 28 projects in the line-up of Venice Immersive are Dutch VR (co-)productions. Celine Daemen, who was in Venice last year with Eurydice: Descent into Infinity, returns with her new VR opera Songs for a Passerby. She is joined by Steye Hallema’s The Imaginary Friend, Flow by Adriaan Lokman and Shadowtime by Sister Sylvester and Demiz Tortum. Floating with Spirits by Belgian filmmaker Juanita Onzaga is minority co-produced by Studio Biarritz.  

Join us on Sunday September 3rd from 5 p.m. at the Meet the Creators Area where we will proudly present these makers during the Meet the Dutch Creators panel and cocktail!

The panel is accessible for accreditation pass holders and Venice Immersive subscription holders.

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