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Two projects supported by the Netherlands Film Fund + IDFA Bertha Fund Co-Production Scheme

Minority co-productions in the documentary category that have received a contribution from the IDFA Bertha Fund for development or production are eligible for a realization contribution from the scheme.

The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine

Director and script: Alfredo Pourailly
Producer: Juntos Films (CL), 55sur Media (CL)
Co-producer: Windmill Film B.V. (NL)
Logline: Toto, the last gold digger in Tierra del Fuego is now in his sixties, his body has been severely damaged by his work routine, and feels close to death. But he just can’t stop doing it, because he is not qualified for social security. His cowboy son Jorge designs a machine that should bring them a better future.

The Nights Still Smell of Gunpowder

Director and script: Inadelso Cossa
Producer: 16mmFILMES (MZ), IDA.IDA (FR), KASKE Film (DE)
Co-producer: BALDR film B.V. (NL), Duplacena (PT)
Logline: Concerned with the fragmented memories of his childhood during the civil war in Mozambique, filmmaker Inadelso returns to his grandmother’s village to reveal the untold stories, which still hunt his generation.

Find more information about the minority co-production scheme NFF+IBF here. .

First image: The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine
Second image: The Nights Still Smell of Gunpowder