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Two films supported by the youth co-development fund of the Netherlands Film Fund and MDM

Kung Fu Lion and Totem will be supported by the co-development fund of the Netherlands Film Fund and the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM) for original children's and youth film plans.

Dutch/German project Kung Fu Lion receives € 10.000,- for a re-write. The screenplay is by Froukje Tan, who will also be directing. The Dutch producer is Submarine Film, with German Neue Mediopolis Filmproduction acting as co-producer. The film is aimed at children aged 9-12 years. Logline: When hot tempered Tom (13) is chosen by his Kung Fu master to dance in the back of a Chinese lion, behind new pupil Yeye who, with his high jumps, is placed in the head, Tom's envy leads him away from the leading position he desperately wants to regain.

Dutch/German project Totem receives € 20.000,- for script development. The screenplay is by Bastiaan Tichler, Sander Burger will be directing. The Dutch producer is Volya Films, with German co-producer Pallas Film. The film is aimed at children aged 9-12 years old.
Logline: Eleven-year-old Ama, the daughter of failed asylum seekers from Africa, journeys through wintry Rotterdam at night after her mother and little brother were detained, looking for her father. She is all alone and there is no one to help her. Then her totem animal reveals itself.

The new Dutch/German co-development fund was launched at Berlinale in February 2015 to develop and co-produce high-quality films for the children of both countries and beyond. It was enhanced by the signing of a co-production treaty between the Netherland and Germany that promotes ongoing co-operation and co-production between the territories. There will one more application round for this co-development fund in 2016, with submission deadline of no later than September 13, 2016.