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Three new Dutch films granted Production Support by Netherlands Film Fund

The films Cobain by Nanouk Leopold, Porselein by Jenneke Boeijink and Elbert van Strien’s Marionette have each been granted production support by the Netherlands Film Fund.

Nanouk Leopold’s Cobain receives production funding of €650,000.
Director: Nanouk Leopold
Scenario: Stienette Bosklopper
Producer: Circe Films
Co-producer: Waterland Film
International co-producers: Coin Film (DE), A Private View (BE)
Logline: When Cobain (15) discovers that his addicted mother is pregnant again, he tries to get her to change her lifestyle. When Mia rejects any form of help, Cobain decides that it is time to save his unborn brother.

Jenneke Boeijink’s Porselein receives production funding of €450,000.
Director: Jenneke Boeijink
Scenario: Thibaud Delpeut and Jenneke Boeijink
Producer: CTM Pictures
Logline: Paul has built a life of material prosperity for his wife Anna and son Thomas. However, after Thomas develops an inexplicable illness, cracks begin to appear in their seemingly impregnable lives. While Paul, with all his might, tries to maintain control, the world he has constructed begins to crumble around him.

Marionette, by Elbert van Strien, receives production funding of €350,000.
Director: Elbert van Strien
Scenario: Elbert van Strien and Ben Hopkins
Producer: Accento Films
International co-producers: Occupant Pictures (UK), Fantastic Films (IE) and Black Camel Pictures (UK)
Logline: After the tragic death of her husband, child psychiatrist Marianne van Zanten decides to start a new life in Scotland. One of her new patients, the 10 -year-old Manny, claims that everything he thinks is actually happening. Marianne develops an obsession with the boy in which she loses grip on reality, and even begins to question the nature of existence.