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The Netherlands and South Africa introduce a new co-fund called Thuthuka

Cannes - Today, Bero Beyer, the CEO of The Netherlands Film Fund announced a brand new co-fund between The Netherlands and the Republic of South Africa: Thuthuka. In line with the existing joint efforts to enhance the cooperation between both countries, the Thuthuka fund establishes a co-development fund to jointly provide selective script support for film and documentary projects with South African and Dutch related content.

Thuthuka aims to support projects that are potentially of high cinematographic quality and of interest to cinema audiences in both countries as well as to international cinema audiences and film festivals. A total of 4 projects will be supported each year which consist of feature (animated) film and documentaries. The annual budget of the Fund amounts as a rule up to 160.000 EUR. Each party will contribute 80.000 EUR0 to the Fund. The NVFV will match the equivalent of 80.000 EUR0 in South African Rands because of possible currency fluctuations.

Bero Beyer in Screen Daily: “The word (Thuthuka) stands for growth and development,” Beyer commented. "We are trying to foster creative collaborations between the South African and Netherlands film teams to develop their ideas.”

“We are excited about the partnership between the Netherlands Film Fund and the NFVF. We see this as an opportunity to strengthen the treaty relationship but also enable films from the two countries to have an opportunity to reach global audiences.” commented Makhosazana Khanyile, the NFVF CEO.

The measure will be open for application this fall via www.filmfonds.nl and www.nfvf.co.za.

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