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Support for five Dutch minority co-productions

In the first round of 2021 five Dutch minority co-productions will receive support through our selective funding scheme.

Three feature films, one documentary and one short animation are selected for development by the scheme that supports co-productions with a strong artistic view and a substantial creative and technical contribution from the Netherlands.

The projects are:

Fuga (feature film)

Director: Bénédicte Liénard en Mary Jiménez
Script: Bénédicte Liénard en Mary Jiménez
Producer: Clin d’oeil films (BE)
Co-producer: Perpetua Films (PE), Tu Vas Voir (FR), SNG Film (NL)
Logline: In the heart of the Amazon, SAOR, a young androgynous artist, buries his former mistress Valentina in her native village. Meeting her former friends, Saor plunges into the memories of the dirty war and the homophobia of the terrorist movements. With horror he understands how his beloved was victim and executioner at the same time.
Granted contribution: € 200.000,-

Kaymak (feature film)

Director: Milčo Mančevski
Script: Milčo Mančevski
Producer: Banana Film (MK)
Co-producer: Meta Film (DK), Dare Films (BG), N279 Entertainment (NL)
Logline: Kaymak is a black comedy about two Macedonian couples - one rich, one poor - who both become threesomes. Their journey into the unconventional inevitably lays bare the secrets of family and class relations.
Granted contribution: € 180.000,-

Killing Crabs (feature film)

Director: Omar Razzak
Script: Omar Razzak
Producer: Tourmalet Films (ES)
Co-producer: IJswater Films (NL)
Logline: Killing Crabs is a portrait of a certain time and space: Tenerife in the 90s. My childhood. A family portrait from the point of view of two siblings about to leave childhood behind.
Granted contribution: € 100.000,-

Justice under suspicion (documentary)

Director: Maria Augusta Ramos
Script: Maria Augusta Ramos
Producer: Nofoco Filmes (BR)
Co-producer: Gebrueder Beetz (DE), Docmakers (NL)
Logline: After nearly three decades of democratic stability, Brazil is flirting with fascism.Three journalists from the newspaper El País investigate this dangerous evolution, the decisive role the judiciary has been playing in this process and how "lawfare" - the use of law as a weapon against political opponents – threatens democracy around the world.
Granted contribution: € 50.000,-

Luce and the Rock (short animation)

Director: Britt Raes
Script: Britt Raes
Producer: Thuristar (BE)
Co-producer: Studio Pupil (NL), VRT-Ketnet (BE)
Logline: One day, from out of nowhere, a gigantic rock falls down in the middle of a small town where Luce lives. None of the residents can open their doors anymore... Stupid rock, you don't belong here! What brought you here?!
Granted contribution: € 50.000,-

1st Image: Luce and the Rock by Britt Raes
2nd Image: Killing Crabs by Omar Razzak