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Support for first two Thuthuka projects

Both Die wrede relaas van Vuilgat and Stilte and Brace Yourself by South African filmmakers Aryan Kaganof and Thati Pele are selected for support from Thuthuka, the joint scheme by the National Film and Video Foundation from the Republic of South Africa and the Netherlands Film Fund.

We introduced Thuthuka in July 2021 to promote cooperation between South Africa and the Netherlands. Under this scheme an application can be submitted for a contribution for writing an original script for a feature (animation)film or documentary.

A total of 4 projects will be supported each year: 2 Dutch majority and 2 South African majority films.

In this first round, the next two Dutch majority projects are selected:

Die wrede relaas van Vuilgat en Stilte

Director/script: Aryan Kaganof
Producer: seriousFilm
Logline: An ominous journey through a feverish dream world where nothing is forbidden. When they finally opened the cave, on the third day after the stoning, the body was gone. In a world where nothing is what it seems, true love means the torture never stops.

Brace Yourself

Director/script: Thati Pele
Producers: BALDR Film en Urucu
Logline: On a failed romantic island getaway, straight laced orthodontist, Dr Shaloba Molefe decides to kidnap her unravelling family and won’t let them leave until they love her again...Brace Yourself!

The first upcoming Thuthuka deadline is Monday 31 October 2022.

Image: Die wrede relaas van Vuilgat en Stilte