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Six international co-productions supported by Netherlands Film Fund

The Netherlands Film Funds is backing six international co-productions through its special budget for selective funding for Dutch minority co-productions. Five high quality features and one feature length documentary are granted a total of 550,000 euro.
Love and Friendship (feature)
Dutch co-producer: Revolver
Producer: Bl!nder Films (IR)
Co-producers: Chic Films (F)
Director and script writer: Whit Stillman
Granted: €100,000
Arab Idol (feature)
Dutch co-producer: KeyFilm
Producer: Idol Film Production Ltd (UK)
Director and script writer: Hany Abu-Assad
Granted: €75,000
Zama (feature)
Dutch co-producer: Lemming Film
Producer: Rei Cine (AR)
Co-producers: Bananeira Filmes (BR), El Deseo (SP), MPM (FR) Louverture Films (USA)
Director and script writer: Lucrecia Martel
Granted: €100,000
Siv Sleeps Astray (feature)
Dutch co-producer: Viking Film
Producer: Snowcloud Films (SE)
Director: Catti Edfeldt & Lena Hanno Clyne
Script writer: Lena Hanno Clyne & Thobias Hoffmén
Granted: €150,000
Centaur (feature)
Dutch co-producer: Volya Films
Producer: ASAP Films (FR)
Co-producers:Pallas Films (DE), Oy Art (Kyrgyzstan)
Director: Aktan Arym Kabut
Script writers: Aktan Arym Kabut , Ernest Abdyjaparov
Granted: €75,000
Bugs (documentary)
Dutch co-producer: Submarine
Producer: Danish Documentary (DK)
Director and script writer: Andreas Johnsen
Granted: € 50,000