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Number Eighteen

Written and directed by Guido van der Werve. Produced by Smarthouse (NL).

The unlikely story of an artist whose life is saved by his own inferiority complex.

Video and performance artist Guido van der Werve has always confronted life through his art. His work is characterized by extreme physical endeavor and by the use of (his own) classical music compositions. A serious accident in 2016 nearly killed him and changes everything. In the rehabilitation period that follows, he has to learn how to walk, talk and play the piano again. The film is a poetic self-examination of that period in juxtaposition with his childhood; his inferiority complex and fear of death appeared to be a lifesaver. Guido explores the parallels in his life through trauma processing, consciousness, religion, depression, and the search for identity as an overarching theme. In addition, the film is an ode to his father and all oddballs.

Official Selection International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023