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NFF+HBF selection 2021

The City is a Battlefield
Director and script writer: Mouly Surya
Producer: Cinesurya (ID)
Coproducers: Epicmedia (PH), Shasha & co Production (FR), Giraffe Pictures (SG), Volya Films (NL)

Logline: Isa - an impotent war hero and school teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia - is reliving his past glory for a bit of money in a mission to bomb a cinema where the Dutch and English collaborate to re-colonize Indonesia after World War 2

The Station
Director: Sara Ishaq
Script writer: Sara Ishaq & Nadia Eliewat
Producer: Screen Project (JO)
Coproducers: Georges Film (FR), Keplerfilm (NL)

Logline: Amid a fuel crisis in war-torn Yemen, pacifist Layal (30) struggles to run her women-only petrol station. When Layal’s militant sister ZAINAB (40) reappears after months of absence and claims long-awaited fuel to deliver supplies to the frontlines, Layal refuses to fuel the war. Challenged by the demands of impatient customers, the sisters’ strained relationship is pushed to breaking-point.


The NFF+HBF Co-production Scheme (formerly HBF Plus) is a programme of the Netherlands Film Fund and International Film Festival Rotterdam that has been successfully involving Dutch film producers for 12 years with international co-productions already supported by the Hubert Bals Fund. Since 2006, the Netherlands Film Fund has made € 200,000 available each year for the support of four projects.

The NFF+HBF Co-development Scheme annually contributes € 100,000 to the HBF Script and Project Development scheme. This is also a collaboration between the Netherlands Film Fund and the International Film Festival Rotterdam. After the Hubert Bals Fund has selected the projects for the Script and Project Development scheme, the projects among the selection with the most co-production potential will be supported by the NFF+HBF Co-development scheme.

Image: The Station by Sara Ishaq