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NFF+HBF Fall Selection 2021

Tiger Stripes

Director and script: Amanda Nell Eu
Producer: Ghost Grrrl Pictures (MY)
Co-producer: Akanga Film Asia (SG), KawanKawan Media (ID), Weydemann Bros.(DE), Still Moving (FR), PRPL (NL)
Logline: 12-year-old Zaffan reaches puberty when her body begins to morph at an alarming and horrifying rate. In fear of being labeled as a monster, she struggles to maintain being normal at school by trying to conceal her grotesque self... that is until she decides she no longer wants to hide from the world.

Xenos (a.k.a. Men in the Sun)

Director and script: Mahdi Fleifel
Producer: Bullit Film (DK)
Co-producer: Homemade Films (GR), Studio Ruba (NL)
Logline: Xenos aka Men in the Sun is a staged documentary based on a testimony shared with writer/director Mahdi Fleifel a few years ago. It is the story of how as a human being on the run, and without rights, one is forced into a life where humanity is completely dismantled. It's a film that depicts how reality is often stranger than fiction.

Director and script: Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir
Producer: Aurora Films (FR)
Co-producer: Guru Media (MN), 27 films (DE), Volya Films (NL)
Logline: Meek teenage shaman Zé falls in love with MARLA, a defiant girl who visits Zé's spirit because of an illness. Zé faces the fickle nature of life, love, and growing up when Marla rejects his affections. His personal crisis affects the fragile yurt-district community. An intimate and sober portrayal of adolescence set in contemporary Ulaanbaatar.

NFF+HBF Co-development Scheme

Within the NFF+HBF Co-development Scheme, the Netherlands Film Fund selected five of projects:

  • The Burning Giants, Phuttiphong Aroonpheng, Thailand
  • Cero cincuenta, Mariana Rojas, Argentina
  • Elephants in the Fog, Abinash Bikram Shah, Nepal
  • Fidelidad, César Díaz, Guatemala
  • Pènc 13, Selly Raby Kane, Senegal, South Africa

Apply now for the final Dutch Post-production Award

The Dutch Post-production Award is aimed at supporting projects previously supported by the Hubert Bals Fund in their final financing stage. One last time, an independent jury will award a single prize of €50,000 to be spent on post-production in the Netherlands. Applications must be submitted before 1 December 2021.

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Image: Elephants in the Fog