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Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests € 7.9 million in 16 new productions and 3 high-end TV-series

In the fourth round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive of 2021 contributions were made to 19 productions for a total amount of € 7.9 million. These include 14 feature films, 2 documentaries and 3 drama series including 13 international co-productions. These contributions will generate more than € 30.2 million in production expenses in the Netherlands across the entire field of Dutch film professionals and film companies. The next application round for Netherlands Film Production Incentive is 31 January 2022. The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a financial contribution in the form of a cash rebate on the qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands.

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the fourth round of 2021 are:

Film projects

ALPHA. (feature film)

Director: Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Script: Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Dutch producer: BALDR film
Logline: In this existential adventure, a young snowboard instructor takes his visiting father into the snowy mountains where they collide head-on with nature and each other.
Granted support: € 326,471

The Art of Stealing (documentary)

Director: Jorien van Nes
Script: Jorien van Nes
Dutch producer: Submarine Docs
Co-producer: Alexander Nanau Productions (RO)
Logline: The year is 2012: a group of young Romanian men sneak into de Kunsthal in Rotterdam to steal seven world-famous paintings. They succeed in only a matter of minutes. The paintings are worth millions, however, in the hands of the inexperienced young art thieves, they prove to be worthless. The friends are clueless and don’t know what their next steps should be. The aftermath of the heist intertwines with the stories of the paintings, the value of art, and the precarious fate of stolen artworks. What is the true value of stolen art?
Granted support: € 149,715

A Beautiful Imperfection (feature film)

Director: : Michiel van Erp
Script: Arthur Japin, Ursula Rani Sarma
Dutch producer: Kaap Holland Film
Co-producers: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (BE), Kino Produzioni (IT)
Logline: Lucia, Giacomo Casanova’s first and greatest love, leaves Italy for Amsterdam, after her face is disfigured by smallpox. Sixteen years later, when she has reinvented herself as a veiled courtesan known by the name of Galathée, they meet again. Without revealing her true identity and face, Lucia and Giacomo become lovers once again. Does Lucia dare to unveil herself and turn her weakness into her strength so she can be truly free in the face of her great love?
Granted support: € 1,260,200

The Biggest Slime Movie Ever (feature film)

Director: Martijn Smits
Script: Martijn Smits & Maarten van den Broek
Dutch producer: NewBe
Logline: Indy faces her biggest challenge ever when she must solve the mystery of the slime cave. Luckily, unexpected help is on the way.
Granted support: € 204,960

Fuga (feature film)

Director: Bénédicte Liénard, Mary Jiménez (BE)
Script: Bénédicte Liénard, Mary Jiménez (BE)
Dutch co-producer: SNG Film
Lead producer: Clin d’oeil Films (BE)
Co-producers: Perpetua Films (PE), Tu Vas Voir (FR)
Logline: Saor, a young androgynous artist, buries his former mistress Valentina in her native village, in the heart of the Amazon. With horror he understands how his beloved was victim and executioner at the same time of the dirty war.
Granted support: € 60,000

Where We belong (documentary)

Director: Susanne Opstal
Script: Susanne Opstal
Dutch producer: Halal Docs
Logline: A young woman manages to break away from the American cult of the Westboro Baptist Church. How do you start over again when faith, family and the foundations of your existence have been swept away?
Granted support: € 90,177

Holly (feature film)

Director: Fien Troch (BE)
Script: Fien Troch (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Topkapi Films, Tabiki Film
Lead producer: Prime Time (BE)
Co-producer: Films du Fleuve (BE)
Logline: In the aftermath of a school fire, a traumatised community looks for consolation in Holly. The 15-year- old unwittingly becomes a saviour figure to the town, as the line between support and abuse quickly blurs.
Granted support: € 110,894

Just Like in the Movies (feature film)

Director: Albert Jan van Rees
Script: Dorien Goertzen
Dutch producer: KeyFilm
Co-producer: Prime Time (BE)
Logline: When Disco girl Annabel and New Waver Sander discover each other’s talent and dreams during the school musical in the 1980s, the basis for a musical collaboration is established. But their ambitions and feelings are not always in step. The bigger their success, the harder it is to remain true to themselves and each other.
Granted support: € 615,933

Lost in the Night (feature film)

Director: Amat Escalante (MX)
Script: Amat Escalante (MX)
Dutch co-producer: Lemming Film
Lead producer: Pimienta Films (MX)
Co-producer: The Match Factory Productions (DE), Snowglobe (DK)
Logline: Paloma, professor and activist, protests against local mining activities until she disappears. Five years later, her son Emiliano is still searching for the truth behind his mom's disappearance. A tip leads him to the home of the wealthy Aldama family with celebrity Carmen Aldama at its head. Emiliano infiltrates their house in search of the truth.
Granted support: € 59,356

Milk (feature film)

Director: Stefanie Kolk
Script: Stefanie Kolk
Dutch producer: Lemming Film
Logline: Days after the stillbirth of her baby, Robin's breasts begin to produce milk. She makes the unusual decision to donate the milk.
Granted support: € 335,360

Poison (feature film)

Director: Désirée Nosbusch (LU)
Script: Lot Vekemans
Dutch co-producer: Phanta Film
Lead producer: Deal Productions (LU)
Co-producer: Studio Hamburg UK (UK)
Logline: A man and a woman are meeting after many years apart, at the graveyard where their son Jacob is buried.
Granted support: € 305,615

Rising Tide (feature film)

Director: John DeBello (US)
Script: John DeBello (US)
Dutch co-producer: New Ams Film Company
Lead producer: Loma Media (US)
Logline: Two American brothers visiting Holland find themselves ensnared in a deadly mystery that will reveal the last great secret of World War II.
Granted support: € 1,288,568

Rocco & Julia (feature film)

Director: Anna van der Heide
Script: Tamara Bos, Esther Scheldwacht
Dutch producer: Phanta Film
Co-producer: BosBros
Logline: Being hopelessly in love at seventy will inevitably have consequences, because, after having led a whole life, can you put yourself first?
Granted support: € 401,565

When We Lost to the Germans (feature film)

Director: Guido van Driel
Script: Guido van Driel, Bas Blokker
Dutch producer: Family Affair Films
Co-producer: Polar Bear (BE)
Logline: Summer 1974. The city is empty and all friends are on holiday. Daan and Jonas have to get by with each other, but their head is full of Heleentje who is gone – and not on holiday.
Granted support: € 385,092

Utopia (feature film)

Director: Juri Rechinsky (AT)
Script: Juri Rechinsky (AT)
Dutch co-producer: Revolver Amsterdam
Lead producer: Horse & Fruits Filmproduktie (AT)
Co-producer: Pronto Film (UA)
Logline: One ordinary night in a contemporary city, due to a catastrophic incident of unknown nature, an ensemble of people is going through an extraordinary experience of one-night-long enlightenment.
Granted support: € 67,607

Wil (feature film)

Director: Tim Mielants
Script: Carl Joos
Dutch co-producer: Topkapi Films
Lead producer: Menuetto, Lecter Scripted Media, Minds Meet (BE)
Co-producers: Les Films du Fleuve (BE), K&K Selekt Film (PL)
Logline: Wilfried Wils is an auxiliary policeman in Antwerp at the start of the Second World War. The city is in the grip of violence and distrust. Wilfried does what he can to hold up, avoiding paths that are too slippery. He receives attention and material support from a man who has sided with the German occupier, Meanbeard, but he also enjoys the confidence of his anti-Nazi colleague Lode, brother to Wilfried’s love Yvette. Wilfried struggles to survive as the persecution of Jews proceeds unabated. Based on the bestselling novel by Jeroen Olyslaegers.
Granted support: € 245,000

High-end TV-series:

Alter Ego (drama series)

Director: Mathieu Mortelmans (BE), Frederike Migom (BE)
Script: Bart Vaessen, Steve De Wilde (BE)
Episodes: 10 x 45 minutes
Dutch co-producer: Column Film
Lead producer: A Team Productions (BE)
Logline: Suspense, Death and Love. Alter Ego is a high concept mystery drama series set in a unique world where death moves among the population to accomplish her task: touching those whose “last hour” strikes after that moment.
Granted support: € 384,379

The Jewish Council (drama series)

Director: Frank van Passel (BE)
Script: Roos Ouwehand, Paul Jan Nelissen
Episodes: 5 x 50 minutes
Dutch producer: Levitate Film
Co-producer: Caviar Film (BE)
Logline: A civilized Jewish scholar and his wayward daughter are confronted during the chaotic war years with impossible choices - and with that, increasingly opposed to each other. Both struggle for the rest of their lives with the consequences of those choices.
Granted support: € 1,106,662

Metropia (drama series)

Director: Aniëlle Webster
Script: Paul de Vrijer, Ilse Ott
Episodes: 10 x 25 minutes
Dutch producer: NL Film & TV
Logline: After a global climate-disaster Earth has become uninhabitable. Luckily, survivors have built an underground city. The 12-year old Florian lives in this green underground utopia with his family, completely shut from the world above. But everything changes, when he discovers a young girl from the 'lifeless' upperworld.
Granted support: € 542,570

Images: Alpha, The Art of Stealing, Fuga, Just Like in the Movies, When We Lost to the Germans, Wil