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Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests € 5.9 million in 17 new productions and 4 high-end TV-series

In the first round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive of 2021 contributions were made to 21 productions for a total amount of € 5.9 million. These include 12 feature films, 5 documentaries, 2 drama series and 2 documentary series including 9 international co-productions.

These contributions will generate more than € 24 million in production expenses in the Netherlands across the entire spectrum of Dutch film professionals and film companies.

A financial contribution was granted to Last Transport of KeyFilms. Producer Hanneke Niens:

"The financial grant of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive is of great value to the creation of Lost Transport. Especially in an international coproduction this Dutch cash gebates keeps a producer firmly in top position and it gives many of our actors and crew members a visibility outside The Netherlands."

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the first round of 2021 are:

Alreadymade (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 145,007
Director: Barbara Visser
Script: Barbara Visser
Dutch producer: Tomtit Film
Logline: A chess-playing dandy, a nymphomaniac baroness and an unknown third claim the authorship of the most influential artpiece of the 20th century: Fountain. A hundred years later, from a cinematic afterlife, the three come up with their own explanation.

L’Amour / La Mort (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 86,722
Director: Ramon Gieling
Script: Ramon Gieling
Dutch producer: DOXY
Logline: Based on five exceptional love stories, the musical and cinematographic essay L'Amour / La Mort reflects the secret union between love and death. Is Love in fact a synonym for suffering and therefore comparable to a disease?

Anne+ (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 463,229
Director: Valerie Bisscheroux
Script: Maud Wiemeijer
Dutch producer: Millstreet Films
Logline: A few weeks before Anne will move to Montreal to live with her great love Sara, Anne starts to doubt what it is that she wants out of life. She tries to find direction an clarity in her life, rewrites her first book and realizes that she has choices to make.

Crossing (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 228,533
Director: Jacqueline van Vugt
Script: Jacqueline van Vugt
Dutch producer: Revolver Amsterdam
Co-producers: A Private View (BE), Jaako Dobra Produkcija (HR)
Logline: Three stories intertwine on a ferry crossing from Morocco to Spain. In the course of the journey, fear of loss turns the tide for all.

East of Noon (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 63,969
Director: Hala Elkoussy
Script: Hala Elkoussy
Dutch producer: seriousFilm
Co-producers: VRIZA (NL), Nu'ta Films (EG)
Logline: In a dystopic walled-off enclave, ruled with an iron-fist a young rebellious musician breaks through the shell of fear and risks everything in search of love and freedom. But at what price?

Journey to the Northern Lights (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 95,737
Director: Wim van der Aar
Script: Wim van der Aar, Hasse van Nunen, Renko Douze
Dutch producer: Submarine Docs
Co-producer: Savage Film (BE)
Logline: In 2013 a group of idealistic adventurers set out to sea in a self-renovated boat, without any sailing experience. They are faced with an unexpected, life-defining choice: actual freedom or safety? A film about friendship, peer pressure and loyalty.

Julia’s Tango (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 223,910
Director: Pim van Hoeve
Script: Marion Pauw
Dutch producer: 2CFILM
Logline: They were best friends once. Now, fourteen years later, they have grown apart and are stuck in their second-choice life. Back in Argentina, they go on adventure in the bustling city and rugged nature.

Lost Transport (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 554,234
Director: Saskia Diesing
Script: Saskia Diesing
Dutch producer: KeyFilm
Co-producer: Amour Fou Luxembourg (LU)
Logline: In the spring of 1945 a deportation train carrying hundreds of Jewish prisoners is stranded near a small German village occupied by the Red Army. Condemned to one another, and in a context of deepest mistrust, desperation and revenge an unexpected friendship is forged between Russian sniper Vera, village girl Winnie and Dutch Jewess Simone.

Love Without Boundries (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 201,127
Director: Appie Boudellah
Script: Lars Boom, Mustapha Boudellah, Appie Boudellah
Dutch producer: AM Pictures
Logline: Love sees no colour

Natasha’s Dance (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 441,728
Director: Jos Stelling
Script: Jos Stelling
Dutch producer: Fatt Productions
Co-producer: Ma.ja.de Fiction (DE)
Logline: ‘Natasha’s Dance’ tells the tragicomic love story of the unworldly Daantje and the socially isolated, scarred by life, Russian Natasha. It is an impossible love between two seemingly incompatible characters coming from two completely different backgrounds. A lighthearted mosaic of events illustrates their fatal connection, their final ‘homecoming’ and the sense and senselessness of life.

The Pleasure of Creating (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 61,110
Director: Rolf Orthel
Script: Rolf Orthel
Dutch producer: Doc.Eye Film
Logline: Those who create get to know both people and themselves better as they research. In this cinematic essay filmmaker Rolf Orthel looks for the meaning of creating. Reality, or the memory of it, serves as a starting point in the form of a train journey, a meandering thread through the film. How uncertainty, courage and talent are the driving force behind the catharsis of the creator himself, the viewer, and the listener.

Queens (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 51,802
Director: Yasmine Benkiran (MA)
Script: Yasmine Benkiran (MA)
Dutch co-producer: KeyFilm
Lead producer: Petit Film (FR)
Co-producers: Mont Fleuri Productions (MA), Need Productions (BE)
Logline: Casablanca, Morocco. A trio of women with the police on their tail embarks on a long escape that takes them across the rugged red terrain and flower-filled valleys of the Atlas to finally reach the Atlantic coast.

The Royal Republic (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 90,440
Director: Carmen Cobos
Script: Kees Rijninks
Dutch producer: Cobos Films
Logline: ‘The Royal Republic’ will be a portrait of the percussion section of the Concertgebouw Orchestra which is supportive, indispensable and rarely comes to the foreground.

Sea Spark (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 169,142
Director: Domien Huyghe (BE)
Script: Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem, Wendy Huyghe (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Viking Film
Lead producer: A Private View (BE)
Co-producer: Nukleus Film (HR)
Logline: A North Sea fisherman dies at sea in mysterious circumstances. His 12-year-old daughter Lena can’t believe it was an accident: she becomes convinced that a monster, wrenched from the ocean depths, is responsible for her father’s death.

When I Saw You (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 572,713
Director: Ben Verbong
Script: Ben Verbong
Dutch producer: Nuts & Bolts Film Company
Logline: A happily married actress is confronted with the depression of her husband, also a famous actor. She makes every effort to keep her loving family together, but in the end she cannot save him.

White Berry (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 327,643
Director: Sia Hermanides
Script: Ilse Ott
Dutch producer: Family Affair Films
Logline: Grace (17) an albino girl of African descent, feels like an outsider. When she meets rapper Kia and her entourage, it opens doors to a new world. But how far is she willing to go to join the group?

Whitestar 2 (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 220,000
Director: Diede in ’t Veld
Script: Michiel Peereboom
Dutch producer: 2CFILM
Logline: When Esmee and Megan unravel a dark secret, they flee with their horses Whitestar and Rosa to survive in the great outdoors.

High-end TV-series:
Laura H. (drama series) has been granted a financial contribution of € 611,982
Director: Mustafa Duygulu
Script: Matthijs Bockting, Pieter van de Berg
Episodes: 6 x 45-50 minutes
Dutch producer: De Familie
Co-producer: Mockingbird Productions (BE)
Logline: How come that the ordinary Laura from Zoetermeer has become the Netherlands' best-known Syria traveler? Countless other girls have been in similar situations, but have not been tempted to travel to 'the promised land'. So why Laura?

The Life (drama series) has been granted a financial contribution of € 1,169,063
Director: Giancarlo Sanchez
Script: Chris Westendorp, Ashar Medina, Wander Theunis
Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes
Dutch producer: Topkapi TV
Logline: Glenn and Yola are a couple like many others; with ambitions, dreams, willpower and a carefree future ahead. When fate throws them into a spiral of escalations, they are forced to face their expectations of themselves and each other. Play it safe or live with frayed edge? Were the sobriety and rigorous work attitude a mask to belong? Or do they have to be a little crook to win in a tough world?

Lost Angels (documentary series) has been granted a financial contribution of € 65,570
Director: Max Moszkowicz
Script: Max Moszkowicz
Episodes: 4 x 35 minutes
Dutch producer: Pieter van Huystee Film & TV
Logline: Lost Angels is a four-part documentary series about the true story of a lost group of New York gays who freed themselves from civil oppression and discrimination in the early 1970s.

Voices of Liberation (documentary series) has been granted a financial contribution of € 110,371
Director: Koen Mortier
Script: Koen Mortier
Episodes: 10 x 50 minutes
Dutch co-producer: NL Film & TV
Lead producer: Czar Film & TV (BE)
Logline: Voices of Liberation is an 10-part documentary series about the Allied liberation of Europe during World War II. With several hosts throughout the series and a storyline told through personal documents, this war documentary attempts to portray the forgotten and remarkable stories from a human and personal perspective.


Upcoming application round 2021

The next application round for Netherlands Film Production Incentive is April 19, 2021. The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a financial contribution in the form of a cash rebate on the qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands.