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Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests € 5.6 million in 8 new productions and 3 high-end series

In the third round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive of 2022 contributions were made to 11 productions for a total amount of € 5.6 million. These include 7 feature films, 1 documentary and 3 drama series including 8 international co-productions.

These contributions will generate more than € 20 million in production expenses in the Netherlands across the entire spectrum of Dutch film professionals and film companies.

In this round a contribution was made to these projects:

The Break-Up Club (feature film)

Director: Jonathan Elbers
Script: Gerben Hetebrij
Dutch producer: Tom de Mol Productions
Co-producer: A Private View (BE)
Logline: Dylan breaks up relationships for people who don't dare to do that themselves. When he ends the relationship of journalist Zoë, the latter decides to write a damning article about Dylan’s methods. Dylan fears the end of his carefree life and is forced to agree when Zoë insists to follow him for a week…
Granted support: € 388,577

The Garden of Earthly Delights (feature film)

Director: Morgan Knibbe
Script: Roelof Jan Minneboo, Morgan Knibbe
Dutch producer: BALDR film
Co-producers: Cinematografica (PH), CZAR Film&TV (BE) Logline: In the stormy slums of an Asian metropolis, the eleven-year-old meth-addicted Ginto rejects his prostitute-sister’s motherly care and wants to become a gangster rather than a scavenger. Meanwhile, he struggles with his blossoming sexuality when he falls in love with a boy from his gang and he meets Dutch sex tourist Michael, who is torn apart by his own dark desires.
Granted support: € 247,783

I Accidentally Wrote a Book (feature film)

Director: Nóra Lakos (HU)
Script: Nóra Lakos (HU)
Dutch co-producer: Bind
Lead producer: JUNO11 (HU) / Véletlenül Film (HU)
Logline: Katinka learns to write and realizes that her life has become a novel. As she writes, she experiences her deeply hidden grief that makes her able to open her heart for someone new.
Granted support: € 152,295

Ik zal zien (feature film)

Director: Mercedes Stalenhoef Script: Britt Snel
Dutch producer: Dutch Mountain Film Logline: When the vibrant Lot (18) becomes blind, her life turns into a nightmare. She starts dreaming her life away, but soon her fantasies and fears take over her thoughts. Only when she comes to accept her reality, she is able to see herself in a different light and take back control of her life.
Granted support: € 435,433

Slime 4 (feature film)

Director: Martijn Smits
Script: Martijn Smits, Maarten van den Broek
Dutch producer: NewBe
Logline: Indy (14) and her niece Linn (11) are shocked when an alien needs their help to save his Slime Planet. Everything goes wrong when the alien’s arch-enemy takes control of Indy. Will Linn succeed to free Indy so they can save the Slime Planet together?
Granted support: € 280,000

Straatcoaches vs. Aliens (feature film)

Director: Michael Middelkoop
Script: Ashar Medina, Johan Paul de Vrijer
Dutch producer: Lemming Film
Co-producer: Lemming Film Belgium (BE)
Logline: When two slacking street coaches notice that aliens are taking over their working-class neighborhood, there's only one thing left to do: the two best friends must go all out to save their trusty old neighborhood from destruction.
Granted support: € 522,902

Swimming Home (feature film)

Director: Justin Anderson (UK)
Script: Justin Anderson (UK)
Dutch co-producer: Lemming Film
Lead producer: Heretic (GR)
Co-producer: Swimming Home Film (UK)
Logline: Swimming Home is a dadaist love story, about a woman who strives to be close to her husband by inviting a stranger found floating in the pool to stay.
Granted support: € 77,907

Where Dragons Live (documentary)

Director: Suzanne Raes
Script: Suzanne Raes
Dutch producer: Docmakers
Logline: In the cluttered English country house Cumnor Place, memories lurk like dragons. When the Impey family has to clear the house for sale, Harriet Impey tries to fulfil a wish of her late, eccentric father. The dragons from his stories, which she tries to capture in words and pictures, are connected to riddles and fears from the past.
Granted support: € 132,696

High-end Series

Elixir (dramaseries)

Director: Dana Nechushtan
Script: Maaik Krijgsman in collaboration with Jaap Peter Enderlé, Franky Ribbens and Luca Izeboud
Dutch producer: Topkapi TV
Co-producer: Menuetto (BE)
Logline: After Isabelle Rombauts is unexpectedly appointed CEO of the family-run, international LXR Pharma corporation, she is confronted with the company’s grievous malpractices. Her family denies these problems. Isabelle’s attempts to expose the truth are undermined. Isabelle must choose between being loyal to her family... or heeding her conscience.
Granted support: € 1,500,000

Styx (dramaseries)

Director: Jeroen Dumolein (BE)
Script: Michel Sabbe (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Hollands Licht
Lead producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (BE)
Logline: Second chances never come for free.
Granted support: € 456,000

Van der Valk S04 (dramaseries)

Director: Simone Dusseldorp
Script: Chris Murray (UK) Dutch co-producer: NL Film & TV
Lead producer: Company Televison (VK)
Logline: A street smart and unapologetic Dutch detective navigates the lively and enigmatic city of Amsterdam, solving mysterious crimes using astute human observation and inspired detection.
Granted support: € 1,473,669

Upcoming application round 2022

The next application round for Netherlands Film Production Incentive for film and high-end series is 31 October 2022. The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a financial contribution in the form of a cash rebate on the qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands.

Image: I Accidentally Wrote a Book