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Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests € 1.5 million in 7 new productions

In the fourth round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive of 2020 contributions were made to 7 productions for a total amount of € 1.5 million. These include 5 feature films and 2 documentaries including 3 international co-productions.

These contributions will generate more than € 6.3 million in production expenses in the Netherlands across the entire spectrum of Dutch film professionals and film companies.

In this round a contribution was made a.o. to the project Furia of Saskia Boddeke. Production company Witfilm: 'The grant of the Incentive makes it possible for Witfilm to produce the documentary of Saskia Boddeke in the artistic, meaningfull and cinematographic level we wanted and that a documentary like this needs!'

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the fourth round of 2020 are:

Dark Matter (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 126,897
Director: Stefano Odoardi (IT)
Script: Sytske Kok, Stefano Odoardi (IT)
Dutch co-producer: KeyFilm
Lead producer: Superotto Film Production (IT)
Logline: When Anthon’s son Thomas runs away from home after the death of his grandfather, Anthon not only has to go look for his son, but also needs to find himself.
Dutch expenditure: e.g. Screenwriter: Sytske Kok (NL) and Stefano Odoardi (IT), Director of photography: Adri Schrover, Sound designer: Jan Willem van den Brink, Visual effects supervisor: via Filmmore, Colorist: via Filmmore Nederland, Costume Designer: Mariëlle Vos, Make up & Hair Artist: Francoise Mol

Furia (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 164,362
Director: Saskia Boddeke
Script: Saskia Boddeke
Dutch producer: Witfilm
Logline: All the professional actors of theater group KamaK have an intellectual disability. On the basis of the play Furia, the film examines how theater contributes to their development and happiness and how the actors deal with the tension between what they can, want and are allowed to.

Moloch (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 417,610
Director: Nico van den Brink
Script: Daan Bakker, Nico van den Brink
Dutch producer: NL Film & TV
Logline: When Betriek is randomly attacked by a stranger in her own home, she sets out to look for an explanation. Slowly but surely she discovers that she is being hunted by something ancient.

One Day (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 237,915
Director: Ruud Schuurman
Script: Edward Stelder
Dutch producer: Tom de Mol Productions
Logline: A young woman who's reinvented herself as an Amsterdam socialite must return home to South Limburg to settle an old issue with her ex-boyfriend after 10 years of separation.

Silver Haze (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 198,911
Director: Sacha Polak
Script: Sacha Polak
Dutch producer: Viking Film
Co-producer: Emu Films (UK)
Logline: Fifteen years after she got burnt when the pub where she slept as a child caught fire, Franky (23) seeks revenge because she still hasn’t found any answers.

Sweet Dreams (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 349,101
Director: Ena Sendijarevic
Script: Ena Sendijarevic
Dutch producer: Lemming Film
Co-producers: A Private View (BE), Plattform Produktion (SE)
Logline: Pax Neerlandica recounts the colonial past of the Papuans in Netherlands New Guinea, exposing as it does so the bitter legacy of all former colonizing countries. Unique archive material from this neglected colonial era is juxtaposed with West Papua's current struggle for independence from the Indonesian occupiers.

Sweeties (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 84,102
Director: Natalie Bruijns, Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden
Script: Natalie Bruijns, Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden
Dutch producer: Witfilm
Logline: Three 13-year-old Dutch girls arrive at a campsite in the South of France, their heads full of dreams about love. This summer it will happen - their first romance. But will the reality live up to their fantasies?

Still: Furia