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Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests € 4.2 million in 15 new productions

In the third round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive of 2018 contributions were made to 15 productions for a total amount of € 4.2 million. These include 11 feature films, 2 feature length documentaries, 1 drama series and 1 documentary series, including 8 international co-productions.

These contributions will generate more than € 16.1 million in production expenses in the Netherlands across the entire spectrum of Dutch film professionals and film companies.

In this round a contribution was made a.o. to the project The Bay Of Silence by director Paula van der Oest, with the Danish actor Claes Bang (The Square), Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Brian Cox (Nuremberg). The film is produced by the British company TBOS and co-produced by Levitate Film, the new production company of Alain de Levita, Paula van der Oest and Mark van Eeuwen.

The Rise and Fall of a Cannabis King, a documentary series directed by Robert Oey and Arjen Sinninghe Damsté, produced by Topkapi non-fiction was also granted a cash rebate.

The long-awaited Dutch film The Promise of Pisa, based on the best-selling debut novel by Mano Bouzamour also receives a cash rebate. The scenario is by Robert Alberdingk Thijm, Norbert ter Hall is the director. The producer of the film is All Yours Film.

D.o.P Guido van Gennep and director Paula van der Oest on the set of The Bay of Silence

All projects backed by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive in the third round of 2018 are:

30 Years Of Love (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 459,325
Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Script: Maarten Lebens, Herman Finkers
Dutch producer: Johan Nijenhuis & Co
Logline: Jan has been married for 35 years. His wife Gedda knows exactly what is right for him. Does Jan still want that?
Dutch expenditure: e.g. full crew & cast, post production

April, May, June (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 700,025
Director: Will Koopman
Script: Frank Houtappels, Linda de Mol
Dutch producer: Talpa Fictie
Logline: Three half-sisters, with three different fathers, ask themselves at the approaching death of their mother: Where are we in life? What do we have together? And what to do later on with our autistic brother Jan?
Dutch expenditure: e.g. all shooting days, cast & crew, equipment & facilities and full post production.

The Bay Of Silence (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 241,114
Director: Paula van der Oest
Script: Caroline Goodall (UK)
Dutch co-producer: Levitate Film
Lead producer: TBOS Film (UK)
Logline: Will Walsh, a modest technical engineer, is convinced that his wife, the artist Rosalind, is not guilty of the death of their baby, but he is doing a horrible discovery that reveals a chain of other unresolved issues.
Dutch expenditure: e.g. D.o.P., editing and production design

Binti (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 50,000
Director: Frederike Migom (BE)
Script: Frederike Migom (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Family Affair Films
Lead producer: Bulletproof Cupid (BE)
Logline: The Congolese Binti (12) has lived in Belgium her whole life and plans to become world famous with her vlog "Binti's Bubble". When she and her father Jovial are deported, her dream threatens to be shattered. Binti sees only one solution: her father has to marry the mother of her friend Elias (11)
Dutch expenditure: e.g. set & post production sound

Here We Move, Here We Groove (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 105,165
Director: Sergej Kreso
Script: Sergej Kreso
Dutch producer: Doxy
Logline: By mixing his Balkan roots with Western beats Robert Soko discovered as a refugee from Yugoslavia how he could create a new identity: As a DJ and 'founding father' of Balkan Beats he brought thousands of people into ecstasy worldwide. But now that the world around him is changing Soko has to search: hopefully the music of refugees who, like him 20 years ago, come to Europe can inspire him. But is Europe still open to such musical impulses?
Dutch expenditure: e.g crew, post production image & sound

In Love And War (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 389,981
Director: Aniëlle Webster
Script: Dorien Goertzen
Dutch producer: KeyFilm
Logline: When the idealistic divorce mediator Cato and pitbull lawyer Gijs face each other in a race for promotion, both are forced to re-examine their convictions about love, marriage and career. Can you believe in love if you have made a job of divorce?
Dutch expenditure: e.g. shooting days, cast & crew, full post production

Little Crumb (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 553,096
Director: Diede in ‘t Veld
Script: Tijs van Marle
Dutch producer: Nuts & Bolts Film Company
Co-producer: REP Film
Logline: Reunited with his parents, Little Crumb can hardly get used to his luxury life. When he is kidnapped by an enemy from the past, he must use the best of his new and his old life to escape and eventually save his parents
Dutch expenditure: e.g. shooting days, full cast & crew, post production, equipment

Mel(ine) (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 38,405
Directors: Inna Sahakyan (AM), Paul Cohen
Script: Inna Sahakyan (AM)
Dutch producer: Windmill Film
Co-producer: Bars Media (AM)
Logline: The most beloved weightlifter of Armenia turns into the most hated when he begins to express his non-conformity about his gender. This costs him his fame, fortune, family and even homeland. Now that he has found asylum in the Netherlands, the dream of a gender change is finally within reach - but must the love of his life be his final sacrifice?
Dutch expenditure: e.g. sound on set and post production image & sound

Patrick (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 70,000
Director: Tim Mielants (BE)
Script: Tim Mielants, Benjamin Sprenger (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Topkapi Films
Lead producer: Savage Film (BE)
Co-producers: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (BE), Versus Production (BE)
Logline: Patrick is a handyman at the naturist campsite of his parents. He makes furniture in his spare time. When his favorite hammer mysteriously disappears, Patrick suspects practically everyone at the campsite. When his father dies, Patrick begins an existential search for the (un) meaning of life.
Dutch expenditure: e.g, D.o.P, cast, post production sound

The Promise of Pisa (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 437,113
Director: Norbert ter Hall
Script: Robert Alberdingk Thijm
Dutch producer: All Yours Film
Co- producer: Minds Meet (BE)
Logline: Moroccan Sam is admitted to the chic Music Lyceum and promises his older brother Mo that he will pass his final exams. But Mo is arrested for a robbery and disappears into prison so that Sam must keep his promise on his own.
Dutch expenditure: shooting days, cast & crew, post production

A Son Named Erasmus (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 132,500
Director: Alberto Ferrari (IT)
Script: Gianluca Ansanelli (IT)
Dutch co-producer: FATT Productions
Lead producer: Lime Film (IT)
Co-producer: Eagle Pictures (IT)
Logline: A Son Named Erasmus is an adventurous comedy about four Italian former fellow students who, after the death of their common Dutch love, travel to Rotterdam to come to a major discovery.
Dutch expenditure: e.g. shooting days and cast

Torpedo (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 249,057
Director: Sven Huybrechts (BE)
Script: Sven Huybrechts, Johan Horemans (BE)
Dutch co-producer: Column Projects
Lead producer: A Team Productions (BE)
Co-producers: 10.80 Films (BE), Pellikola (MT)
Logline: 1943. A gang of hard-hitting resistance fighters, who in the Flemish forests make the Nazi's lives miserable, gets a dangerous, secret mission: they have to go to the Belgian Congo to transport a very important cargo to the United States with a captured U-boat: uranium for the Manhattan Project.
Dutch expenditure: e.g. production design, audio post production, costume design

The Tree (feature film) has been granted a financial contribution of € 45,000
Director: Louw Venter (ZA)
Script: Louw Venter (ZA)
Dutch co-producer: 100% Halal Productions
Lead producer: Urucu Media (ZA)
Co-producer: Leitwolf Filmproduktion (DE)
Logline: When the child of a homeless woman goes missing in a massive South African metropolis five wildly disparate lives begin to intersect in painful and surprising ways.
Dutch expenditure: e.g. D.o.P., post production image and sound

High-end TV-series:

Doopie (animated series) has been granted a financial contribution of € 525,007
Director: Meikeminne Clinckspoor
Script: Meikeminne Clinckspoor
Episodes: 26 x 7 minutes
Dutch producer: Submarine Film
Co-producer: Walking the Dog (BE)
Logline: Doopie is a preschool series that in form is a unique crossover between puppeteering animation and live action. We follow Doopie, a special puppet, who lives in the Alleswinkel. Every episode he meets new children with whom he experiences small adventures in a grand way.
Dutch expenditure: e.g. shooting days, cast & crew, audio post production

The Rise and Fall of a Cannabis King (documentary) has been granted a financial contribution of € 256,650
Directors: Robert Oey, Arjen Sinninghe Damsté
Script: Robert Oey
Episodes: 6 x 50 minutes
Dutch producer: Topkapi Nonfiction
Logline: The Rise and Fall of a Cannabis King tells the life story of Johan van Laarhoven, an ordinary boy from Brabant who builds a coffee shop empire, but is eventually arrested in Thailand and sentenced to 75 years in prison. His personal story reflects the history of cannabis in the Netherlands since the Second World War.
Dutch expenditure: crew, equipment, post production sound and image

Upcoming application round 2018
The next application round for Netherlands Film Production Incentive for both film productions and high-end TV series is September 3, 2018. The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a financial contribution in the form of a cash rebate on the qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands.