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Netherlands Film Fund leads towards a greener film industry

As of January 1 2015 Els Rientjes will take on the new role of Sustainability Manager for the Dutch film industry.

The Netherlands Film Fund is facilitating this new position, which is considered an important step towards a greener Dutch film industry. Els Rientjes will stimulate the sustainable production of projects that receive production support from the Fund. She will also share relevant knowledge on sustainable innovation within the (international) film industry with Dutch filmmakers. Additionally she will co-ordinate with sustainable facility companies and suppliers to the benefit of a multitude of projects.

Since several years the Fund has worked closely with the Dutch Green Filmmaking Project, an initiative of Strawberry Earth.

Doreen Boonekamp, Netherlands Film Fund director comments: "We see sustainability as an obvious and important development within the film industry. The work of the Green Filmmaking Project over recent years has proven that sustainable filmmaking is here to stay, and that the Dutch film industry understands both its benefits and its central importance. With Els Rientjes’ appointment we can offer Dutch producers the advice and practical support they need to produce their films as sustainably as possible.”

Rientjes has many years’ experience working in the Dutch TV and Film Industry; as Creative Producer at IDTV, as TV Productions Manager for Niehe/Stokvis and in recent years as Creative Producer/Producer at Fu Works.

She comments: "With my passion for, and knowledge of, the audiovisual business I want to make sustainable innovation accessible to Dutch producers. In the film sector, professionals are under constant pressure to achieve the highest quality work in short periods of time. It is my mission to inspire them to also apply sustainable innovation as they realize their big ambitions." Rientjes will work closely with Jo Voet of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Voet has considerable expertise in the field of sustainability and innovation and will offer his advice whenever possible.

Chai Locher, Project Manager of the Green Filmmaking Project, adds: "We are extremely proud of the sustainable steps that we, along with all participants and partners of the project, have taken towards green filmmaking. When Strawberry Earth started the Green Filmmaking Project in 2011, we put the theme of green filmmaking on the map. The Film Fund's enabling of a Sustainability Manager is the pinnacle of our work and a signal that the Dutch film industry is officially turning green. From 2015, green activities will be transferred to the Sustainability Manager, but Strawberry Earth will remain involved to continue to make sustainable innovation accessible for the Dutch film industry.”