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Mascotte and My Father is an Airplane selected for Dutch Crossover

The Netherlands Film Fund has selected two Dutch feature films for Dutch Crossover: Mascotte and My Father is an Airplane. Both projects are granted a maximum amount of €850.000 for the realisation of the film.

Director: Remy van Heugten
Gustaaf Peek
Producer: BIND
Logline: What do you get when you believe that capitalism solves everything and you believe the media at their word? When you think that happiness is for beautiful people and the white man the pinnacle of creation? Then you get Jerry. And Jerry is angry.

Remy van Heugten and Gustaaf Peek previously collaborated with production house BIND on Gluckauf, Van Heugten’s debut film. The film, entirely spoken in Limburg’s dialect, premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2015 and went on to win four Golden Calves at the Netherlands Film Festival that same year. Mascotte was previously granted development support by the Netherlands Film Fund.

My Father is an Airplane
Antoinette Beumer
Script: Maaik Krijgsman
Producer: Topkapi Films
Logine: When Eva’s mother unexpectedly dies, the life of Eva turns out to be built on secrets and lies. The fear of losing her mind, just like her father, becomes more and more threatening and Eva starts a quest for her past to face her demons.

My Father is an Airplane is based on the debut novel of the same name by Antoinette Beumer. Beumer directed, a.o. The Happy Housewife (2010), starring Carice van Houten and box office success Soof (2013). Maaik Krijgsman co-wrote the TV-drama Vechtershart (2015 and 2017), and recently directed successful documentary series Langs de Oevers van de Yangtze and Door het Hart van China.

With Dutch Crossover the Film Fund supports productions of auteur film makers with high cultural value, which are internationally distinctive and have the potential to reach a minimum of 50.000 visitors in cinema.

Formerly backed Dutch Crossover projects include: Layla M. (director Mijke de Jong, script Jan Eilander and Mijke de Jong, producer Topkapi Films), Tonio (director Paula van der Oest, script Hugo Heinen, producer NL Film & TV), Tulipani (director Mike van Diem, script Peter van Wijk, producer Fatt Productions), Brimstone (director and script Martin Koolhoven, producer N279 Entertainment), Beyond Sleep (director and script Boudewijn Koole, producer KeyFilm), Bram Fischer (director and script Jean van de Velde, producer Cool Beans) and Dorst (director Saskia Diesing, script Saskia Diesing and Esther Gerritsen, producer KeyFilm). Bloody Marie (director and script Guido van Driel, producer Family Affair Films).