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Fund supported titles at Annecy Festival 2024

Seven project Fund supported projects will be shown in Annecy. Read the full list below.

Panda Bear in Africa (Annecy Presents)

Direction: Richard Claus & Karsten Kiilerich
Richard Claus, Karsten Kiilerich & Robert Sprackling
Cool Beans (NL), Katuni (NL), A. Film Production A/S (DK), Comet Films (IE), Le Pacte (FR)

Ping is a young panda who lives in an idyllic village in the middle of China. But when his best friend, Jielong the dragon, is kidnapped to be given as a gift to a spoilt young lion, Ping doesn’t waste a second: he sets off on an adventure that will take him all the way to Africa!

Fox and Hare Save the Forest (Annecy Presents)

Direction: Mascha Halberstad
Fabie Hulsebos
Submarine (NL), Walking the Dog (BE), Doghouse (LU)

Strange things are happening in the forest! Owl has disappeared, mischievous rats are terrorising the neighbourhood and a lake is overflowing, threatening the homes of the forest's inhabitants. Could it be the work of a megalomaniac beaver? Fox and Hare are determined to find out. They must find Owl and save the day. Their friendship will be put to the test!

Flow (VR Works in Competition)

Direction/screenplay: Adriaan Lokman
Production: Valk Productions (NL), Lucid Realities (FR)

An invitation for you to surrender to the whims of the wind on a seemingly ordinary day, concealing within its turbulence a captivating night in the life of a woman.

The Imaginary Friend (VR Works in Competition)

Direction/screenplay: Steye Hallema
Production: Studio Biarritz (NL), Submarine (NL)

A young child with a vivid imagination struggles to make sense of the world around him, he needs you – his imaginary friend – to help him navigate his feelings.

Preoperational Model (Short Films in Competition)

Direction/screenplay: Philip Ullman
Production: Video Power (NL)

Princess Sophie and her maid Jessica prepare for a new day in the royal court. Sophie's struggle to play her role propels the two protagonists forward and backward in time.

Beautiful Men (Short Films in Competition)

Direction/screenplay: Nicolas Keppens
Production: Miyu Productions (FR), Animal Tank (BE), Ka-Ching Cartoons (NL)

Three balding brothers travel to Istanbul to get a hair transplant. Stuck with each other in a hotel far from home, their insecurities grow faster than their hair.

The Refusers (Ultrashort)

Direction/screenplay: Wiep Teeuwisse
Tinsel Studio (NL)

A 2 minute stop-motion musical where discarded trash refuses to be labeled as garbage.

Image: Panda Bear in Africa