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Four feature films and three documentaries selected for support

Earlier this week, the selection for the Cinescoop scheme was also announced, with which three feature films each received 1.8 million euros. Both schemes provide a significant boost to the Dutch film sector with a total investment of more than 9 million euros.

More information about the selected projects:

Injury, feature film

Director: Karin Junger
Script: Karin Junger
Producer: The Film Kitchen
Co-producer: Polar Bear (BE)
Logline: DAAN (12) gets involved in a relationship with his football trainer RIES (35). His attempt to keep it a secret makes him more and more isolated from his surroundings. When the relationship eventually becomes known, Daan must fight his own shame and the clumsy, and sometimes cruel, reactions from his community.
Granted support: €1.000.000

Future me, feature film

Director: Vincent Boy Kars
Script: Vincent Boy Kars, Jeroen Scholten van Aschat, Jolein Laarman
Producer: Halal
Logline: To what extent is it possible to become a free person, despite the story you carry with you? In Future Me, filmmaker Vincent Boy Kars focuses on himself and examines - through therapy, psychodrama and his cinematographic imagination - how he became the person he is today and who he wants to be in the future.
Granted support: €600.000

Three Days of Fish, feature film

Director: Peter Hoogendoorn
Script: Peter Hoogendoorn
Producer: Circe Films
Co-producer: A Private View (BE)
Logline: In a comical, real-time road movie past a hospital outpatient clinic, dentist, wool shop and Uncle Piet's birthday, we closely follow a father and a son during their annual reunion in Rotterdam.
Granted support: €950.000

Any Other Night, feature film

Director: Michiel ten Horn
Script: Patrick Whistler
Producer: Lemming Film
Co-producers: Lithium Studios Productions (CA), One Two Films (DE)
Logline: On the night of a crippling transit strike in Berlin, failing cab driver Max crosses paths with his freshly dumped client Maggie as their lives are falling apart. But after loading all of Maggie’s worldly possessions into the back of Max’s decaying van-cab, what should have been a simple fare becomes a wild, late-night odyssey.
Granted support: €1.000.000

Soldier's Bones, documentary

Director: Kasper Verkaik
Script: Kasper Verkaik
Producer: Zeppers Film
Logline: In 1971 Newsweek reporter Alec Shimkin discovers a secret US-led military campaign: Operation Speedy Express. This discovery may reveal war crimes on a scale that makes the widely known My Lai massacre pale by comparison. Yet nobody knows about Alec’s scoop, who went missing-in-action in Vietnam himself. In the trail of Alec’s quest and his childhood obsession for war, Soldier’s Bones searches for Speedy’s deadly echo in the Mekong Delta.
Granted support: €165.907

Mother Surinam, documentary

Director: Tessa Leuwsha
Script: Tessa Leuwsha
Producer: Pieter van Huystee Film & TV
Logline: A film about being rooted and uprooted. About being unfree and free. The life story of a charwoman against the background of Suriname's development towards an independent state.
Granted support: €150.000

Mondria(a)n, documentary

Director: Pim Zwier
Script: Pim Zwier
Producer: Moondocs
Logline: In his film, Zwier creates an interplay of plane arrangements, lines and rhythm in which personal reflections and historical events alternate between foreground and background, all visible simultaneously, in parallel. In Mondrian’s monologue, based on his letters to Holzberg, the focus also shifts back and forth between arrangements of colors and planes on the one hand and global events on the other.
Granted support: €95.000

Image: Blessure