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Film Facts & Figures

Although the year 2020 will be a challenge due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dutch film industry did yield strong performances across all sectors in 2019. This overall conclusion can be drawn from the latest Film Facts & Figures of the Netherlands, the annual overview published by The Netherlands Film Fund.

The Dutch film industry is a vibrant one, quick to respond to audience needs and requirements, and able both to meet international standards and adapt to the rapidly changing power dynamic. Dutch film makers and their films keep finding ways to reach national and international audiences and the 2019 results are testimony to this:

  • Total theatrical admissions were up 6,4% from 35.7M to 38M compared to the previous year. The total box office grew with 11.5% to €348M.
  • Total Dutch film & audio-visual market revenues increased 13.5% from €688M to €781M. Video on Demand (VOD) numbers leaped 21.6% from €324M to €394M. (2018 was the first year when VOD turnover eclipsed the theatrical Box Office.)
  • In 2019 even more films were released into Dutch cinemas. At 492 (equating to approximately ten new films per week) this shows how competition in cinemas is fiercer than ever before.
  • For the fourth consecutive year Dutch film production levels have risen substantially, reaching €201M in 2019 it (including, for the first time, high end incentive tv series).
  • Attendance at major Dutch film festivals was just under 1M, and the number of Dutch films selected for international festivals came in at a robust 200.

Download Film Facts & Figures of the Netherlands as PDF