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Feature Film The Forgotten Battle backed by Telescoop

The Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO and NPO (Netherlands Public Broadcasting) are backing feature film The Forgotten Battle through joint fund Telescoop. The film is granted 1.8 million euros for production.

The Forgotten Battle (De Slag om de Schelde)
Director: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.
Script: Paula van der Oest
Producer: Levitate Film, Alain de Levita

Logline: November 1944. The Allies are stalled in Belgium. Winter is coming. In the Southwest of the Netherlands, tens of thousands of Allied and German soldiers are engaged in The Battle of the Scheldt, for control over supply lines. A Dutchman conscripted into the Wehrmacht, a British glider pilot, and a local girl with the underground resistance cross paths. They each face fundamental choices.

Telescoop aims to support the production of feature films of high cinematographic quality, appealing to a wide audience. The films should be ambitious, adding cultural value to the spectrum. The Forgotten Battle was selected by a commission consisting of external advisors of the Film Fund and a representative of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting.

Previously backed titles by Telescoop are:The Amazing Wiplala (Tim Oliehoek), Michiel de Ruyter (Roel Reiné) Public Works (Joram Lürsen) and The Resistance Banker (Joram Lürsen), the official entry from The Netherlands for the 2019 Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

(Photo by Mark de Blok)