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Eurimages: 7 Dutch (co-)productions and 2 series selected for support

In the recent round of Eurimages, no fewer than 5 Dutch productions and 2 minority Dutch co-productions have been selected for production support. Today, it was also announced that 2 drama series with Dutch involvement have been selected from the Eurimages Pilot's Programme for Series Co-Productions.

Eurimages, the cultural fund of the Council of Europe, announced the selected European productions that will receive support earlier this week. A total of 31 productions have been chosen for support, including 4 Dutch feature films and 1 Dutch project in the category research & experiment. Additionally, 2 Dutch minority co-productions – 1 fiction and 1 documentary – have been selected. A great achievement for the Dutch film industry!

‘Today, we received the wonderful news that our film A Family has been awarded a grant from Eurimages,’ said Iris Otten and Nathalie van der Burg from producer Juliet at Pupikin. ‘This grant enables us to realize and market this personal and emotional film, which explores the impact of a contentious divorce on a brother and sister, to the best of our abilities. Together with our co-producer, The Reunion, our goal is to reach the widest possible international audience with this second film by Mees Peijnenburg. We view this grant as a recognition of our ambition.’

Director Jaap van Heusden on In Alaska: ‘When creating a transatlantic film like In Alaska, you can't rush things. We are very grateful for the unwavering enthusiasm of our growing group of partners in Canada and the Netherlands. And we are very happy and proud that, with the support from Eurimages, the film is ready to move into pre-production.’

Producer Naomi Pacifique at Revolver about Permanent Being: ‘This project is close to our hearts for the relationship it can bridge between human and non-human beings. It is made through experimental means which incorporate fiction, non-fiction and audio-visual art - these projects are difficult to fund, but Permanent Being has the potential to speak deeply to its audience about pressing issues related to the current ecological crisis and what it means to be human, or rock, today on Earth. Support from Eurimages ensures that we can bring this film to life to our best capacity, intention, and passion.’

In addition to the Eurimages support, the projects previously received a contribution from the Netherlands Film Fund.

They are:

Sjap & King, the Cinescoop animated feature film by Mascha Halberstad, produced by Viking Film, receives € 400.000.

Sjap (8) is best friends with his father, who is a tram driver. But around Christmas, he misses his mother, whom he only knows from TV. Together with a dog and friends from his apartment building, he goes looking for her and discovers what his father has been hiding from him.

Close up of a young man with no top on, staring into the distance
A Family by Mees Peijnenburg

A Family, a feature film by Mees Peijnenburg, produced by Juliet at Pupkin, receives € 150.000.

A Family shows how brother Eli (14) and sister Nina (16) try to navigate their new world following their parents’ recent divorce. Separately and each in their own way, they try to keep their heads above water.

A pipeline through a snowy field with a clear blue sky and bright sun
Moodphoto (credit: Anite Ritenour) of In Alaska by Jaap van Heusden

In Alaska, the Cinescoop feature film by Jaap van Heusden, produced by Ijswater, receives € 468.000.

Woody, a depressed 17-year-old boy from a tiny village in Alaska, does something grotesquely stupid: he shoots The Oil Pipeline and becomes a most wanted terrorist, hunted by the seasoned FBI Agent Susan Tarheel. The boy who was fed up with living, is now running for his life. Lost in the wild, without a plan, Woody is not an easy prey. But as Tarheel closes in, she also identifies more with the boy. While Woody escapes across the state and into arctic Canada, he is reconnecting with the land, its people, and the roots of his Inuit mother: he’s learning for the first time what it actually means to be alive.

Our Girls, the Cinescoop feature film by Mike van Diem, produced by Kepler Film, receives € 400.000.

During a holiday in the Austrian Alps, the pent-up frustrations in a long-standing friendship of two parental couples surface when their teenage daughters are involved in a n accident and one of the girls falls into a potentially hopeless coma. When it is later revealed that the second girl is in worse shape than initially thought and could only survive with the other’s heart, the situation between the four parents get completely out of hand.

Five tourists stand in front of a grey rock wall, taking pictures
Permanent Being by Juan Palacios

Permanent Being, an experimental work of fiction by Juan Palacios, produced by Revolver, receives € 50.000.

A large part of the history of our planet is registered in the vertical rock strata of this geological site. But how will these rocks remember us in the future? If only they could talk…

Minority co-productions

Salvation, a feature film by Emin Alper, a co-production by Dutch producer Circe Films, receives € 250.000.

After a violent period marked by regional terrorism, Sheikh Ferit of the Hazeran tribe is confronted with the return of the Beziki tribe, who reclaim their old lands. Ferit and his brother Mesut hold differing views on how to deal with the conflict. As the unrest intensifies, the disagreement between the brothers deepens, giving rise to a devastating struggle for power, land, and survival.

A girl lying on her bed in her underwear
Moon Diary by Vanessa Del Campo

Moon Diary, a documentary by Vanessa Del Campo, and a co-production by Dutch producer Ijswater, receives € 90.000.

As space agencies initiate renewed lunar explorations, former aerospace engineer Vanessa embarks on a mission of her own - the journey to motherhood.

Of the 31 co-production projects supported during the session, 13 are to be directed or co-directed by women. This represents 49.54% of the total funding awarded. Click here for the full list of selected projects.


Today, it was also announced that 2 drama series with Dutch involvement have been selected from the Eurimages Pilot's Programme for Series Co-Productions. They are: season 2 of The Golden Hour created by Simon de Waal (NL Film & TV) and Droneland created by Nicolas Steil (Dutch co-producer Topkapi Films). Both projects will receive a contribution of €500.000.

Image: Sjap & King by Mascha Halberstad, A Family by Mees Peijnenburg, moodphoto In Alaska (credit: Anita Ritenour) by Jaap van Heusden, Permanent Being by Juan Palacios, Moon Diary by Vanessa Del Campo