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€1.332.000 in European support for Dutch co-productions

Two Dutch features, Oink’s Revenge and The Hunter’s Son have been granted production support in the latest round of Eurimages funding. Also, three Dutch minority features have been granted support: The Users, Karlchen and Sihja. The projects are granted € 1.332.000 in total.

Oink’s Revenge, the latest animated feature film by Mascha Halberstadt is granted € 280,000 by Eurimages. The film is produced by Viking Film (NL) in coproduction with A Private View (BE).

Ricky Rijneke’s The Hunter’s Son is granted € 290.000. The film is produced by Rotterdam Films, co-producers are Wild at Art (NL), De Wereldvrede (BE), Vintage Pictures (IS) en Balapolis (PL).

Also, three Dutch minority features have been granted support: The Users by Ivan Ikić, produced by Sense Production (RS) coproduced Tramal Fims (SI) and Keplerfilm (NL) is granted € 100.000. Karlchen, the animated feature by Michael Ekblad is granted € 262.000. The film is produced by Alexandra Schatz Filmproduktion (DE), in co-production with Sluggerfilm (SE) and Submarine (NL). And finally Sihja by Marja Pyykkö is granted € 400.000. The film is a co-production by Tuffi Films (FI), Windmill Film (NL) and Den Siste Skilling (NO).

Animated feature Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, based on the bestseller by Haruki Marukami and directed by Pierre Földes, is granted € 430.000. The film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and co-produced by Dutch An Original Picture. Lead Producer is Cinema Defacto (FR), other co-producers are Miyu Production (FR), Doghouse Films (LU), Micro Scope en Unite (CA).

Eurimages, the co-production fund of the Council of Europe, was founded in 1989 and consists of 38 member states, plus Canada as an associate member. The fund is committed to the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinema. The Council meets four times a year, The Netherlands is represented at Eurimages by the Netherlands Film Fund.