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€ 570.000 in European support for two Dutch co-productions

One majority Dutch feature film and a minority Dutch feature have been granted production support in the latest round of Eurimages funding. The majority film My Giraffe received a total of €330,000, while the minority Dutch feature Daoud’s Winter received €240,000.

My Giraffe, directed by Barbara Bredro, written by Mirjam Oomkes and Laura Weeda, produced by Lemming Film, is a co-production with Belgium (A Private View) and Germany (Hamster Film). The film receives € 330.000.

Daoud’s Winter is a feature by Koutaiba Al-Janabi, a co-production between Libanon (Orjouane Productions), France (Alcatraz Films), Finland (Kaiho Republic), Germany (42 Filme) and the Netherlands (OAK Motion Pictures) and receives € 240.000.

Eurimages, the co-production fund of the Council of Europe, was founded in 1988 and consists of 37 Member states. The fund is committed to the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinema, and has supported in total over 1700 feature and documentary co-productions. The Council meets four times a year. The Netherlands is represented at Eurimages by the Netherlands Film Fund.

This year, eight Dutch productions (including six minority productions) have been granted production support by Eurimages.