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Dutch Shorts to Berlin: Under the Skin

Emma Branderhorst’s Under the Skin is her graduation film from University of the Arts in Utrecht, and tells the story of Keesje, a 15-year old introvert. She and her friends, Lize and Dunja, swim together in a synchronized swimming team. From the outside it all looks like the perfect friendship, but beneath the surface hide continuous tensions between the girls…

“I am fascinated by youth problems,” comments Branderhorst. “When I was younger in high school I was in a group of ten girls and there was always a lot of tension between us. We were friends but everyone was pushing each other down, there was a lot of competition. I always thought I was being bullied, I always thought these are my friends. What is this? Is it normal? Where does it come from?”

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Still: Under the Skin, Emma Branderhorst